Paper Dolls Sport Will & Kate's Best Outfits

Yes, including that dress

Kate Middleton has become a royal fashion plate, with the press and public documenting every one of her style moves to memory. Capitalizing on this sartorial fascination is Dover Publishing (and why shouldn’t they, everyone else is) who have created a book of William & Kate paper dolls. The company, whose other paper doll creations include Queen Elizabeth I and the Obamas, has included many of the major outfits the royal couple has donned throughout their courtship.

Wills comes with an array of military uniforms and ceremonial dress, while Kate is accompanied by some of her more memorable outfits, including the sleek white coat she wore to William’s R.A.F. ceremony and that mega-famous blue Issa dress, as well as a number of her more notable hats. The paper couple comes pre-dressed in swimwear perfect for a stress-relieving Ibiza getaway.

William & Kate Paper Dolls rings in at about $13, and appears to be selling fast on

You can also sign up at to receive a bonus outfit for your new flat friends–a paper copy of the wedding dress of the century. Once it’s been revealed, of course.

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