Set your face in place and get perfect makeup all day

With the outdoor wedding season among us, the heat, sweat and smog only mean one thing for your makeup – trouble. That’s where Skindinavia’s Bridal Makeup Finish steps in. Guaranteeing up to 16 hours of picture perfect makeup, this weightless and breathable, mist sets your whole face (read: concealer, foundation, eye shadow, blush) literally cooling the skin’s surface to avoid melting. It’s oil and paraben-free ensuring no breakouts or allergic reactions, and means you won’t have to go through an entire pack of blotting papers on your big day. Named one of Vogue’s top 10 products in 2009, one bottle is enough for your entire bridal party. This tear-proof, sweat proof armour will leave you shining (in a good way) whether you’re on a beach in Mexico or the smog of T.O.   

Skindinavia, $29 for three months supply. to order.