Lady Gaga Is Now A Wedding Singer

The Ultimate Wedding Gift: Lady Gaga Serenades a Couple 

Your wedding day is one you’ll never forget but for a London couple their big day was definitely made unforgettable. While celebrating with friends at a pub in London, mega-star and former FLARE cover girl Lady Gaga just happened to stop by decked out in true Gaga style and with her entourage in tow. Fresh from her own nuptials in Greece, perhaps Gaga was still basking in newlywed bliss but whatever the case the eccentric diva offered to sing the newly married couple a tune. Serenading the duo with The Rolling Stone’s Gimme Shelter, the quirky songstress never ceases to amaze us. Maybe we will never be as lucky as this star struck couple but it got us thinking: Which superstar singer would you want to serenade you and your betrothed?

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