Kate Middleton's Dress To Transform Bridal Design

Brides will be able to dress like Kate within days

Photo by Getty Images

Tomorrow, as Kate finally debuts her dress to billions of eager viewers, it will go down in history as a great fashion moment—and will pave the way for a new turn in bridal trends and design.

According to an article in the New York Times,”retailers are fielding inquiries from customers wondering if, and when, a Kate-inspired gown will be available.” And they haven’t even seen the dress.

The story points to examples of past wedding gowns that made an impact on wedding dress design. Diana’s famous billowing meringue dress sparked a craze in the bridal market, with the huge puffed sleeves and frilly neckline aped by designers around the world. Replicas of Grace Kelly’s gown from her wedding in 1956 were available at the end of the day at Filene’s in Boston, while Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s understated bias-cut slip changed the bridal aesthetic, becoming the It dress of the late nineties.

The cut, material and detailing of Kate’s selected frock will be emulated and replicated by bridal designers within days of its unveiling with pattern makers, manufacturers and embroiderers standing by to begin production. Bridal designer Jim Hjelm tells the Times that his company will send sketches digitally to factories in China, with samples returned for approval within 24 hours, making for a short turnaround for brides hoping to emulate princess style their big day.