Could this new treatment keep you fit and fabulous?

Between champagne toasts and menu tastings, it’s no wonder you’re a bride who’s feeling the bulge. Stay trim with Body Beautiful Canada‘s Eurowave treatment, a spa-style session that claims to help you lose inches in just 18 minutes. The secret lies in the Electric Muscle Stimulation, which works your deep core muscles to tighten problem areas and reduce cellulite. Pure bunk? Maybe. But it’s a relaxing experience and there’s a slew of celebs that are getting in on the action (sorry, we can’t name names). In fact, Body Beautiful Canada is offering complementary sessions through Veil Talk in Vancouver, an event for chic brides to check out wedding suppliers, experts and planners. Which lands it firmly in the nothing-to-lose-but-a-dress-size category, and who doesn’t love that? 


PS If you do go, don’t forget to tell us how the Eurowave treatment worked for you! 

Body Beautiful Canada’s Eurowave treatment is available at Veil Talk presented by Blo Dry Bar in Vancouver. Thursday, April 8th 5-7 pm at Four Season Hotel, 791 West Georgia St., Penthouse suite. $10 per person. Visit for more information and to RSVP.