Good Idea: The Bridesmaid Dress That Really Does Suit Everyone

Twobirds bridal brings their everyone-can-wear-it bridesmaid dresses to Canada

While planning her wedding in 2007, Ariane Goldman was faced with the universal bridesmaid dress problem: How to find something that would look great on all of her attendants. Inspired by Norma Kamali’s infamous infinity dress, Goldman created one single style—a silk jersey blend dress with ingenious bodice straps—that could be worn 15 different ways by simply wrapping, twisting and tying variations to create different necklines. This meant that the dress would look good on a range of women, but would still look consistent in the wedding photos.

The dresses were such as success that the business school grad created her own line, Twobirds, which derives its name from the fact that the dresses satisfy the bride and the bridesmaids, i.e. killing two birds with one dress. In 2007, Goldman opened her first Twobirds shop, in New York, as well an online boutique. This was followed by shops in L.A., Sydney and London, and one in Toronto, which opened this past December.

Offered in three variations—a classic style, a rosette style and a two-toned version each is available in different lengths and colours. Although there are only three basic variations, the possibilities are endless. “We see new ways to style the dress all the time,” says Goldman. “Girls love getting creative and making the most of the versatility.” As for the most popular styles, Goldman says that one shoulder look is hot at the moment. “But it’s always changing.”

As for the response to her creations? “Many bridesmaids often ask the brides if they can wear the dresses before the wedding!” says Goldman. “Now that’s a compliment.”

Twobirds will holding trunk shows in Edmonton (March 5 and 6, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Matrix Hotel, 10640 100th Ave.) and Vancouver (March 19 and 20, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Loden Hotel, 1177 Melville St.) where brides and bridesmaids will have the chance to try the dresses. Visit