Did Harry Potter's Wedding Dress Knock Off Alexander McQueen?

The fantasy wedding frock looks frighteningly similar

Photo By Anthea Simms

As Harry Potter fans anxiously await the release of the latest installment of the fantasy series, when promotional images were released yesterday they caused quite a stir, and not among Potter fans but the fashion crowd. The images were from a scene in which bride Fleur Delacour dances with Bill Weasley wearing a frothy organza gown with two phoenixes. Now, to the untrained fashion eye this would not warrant a second look but it made the fashion world do a serious double take. The dress bared striking resemblance to the famous frock that was showcased during the late Alexander McQueen’s iconic Fall ’08 collection. While the French costume designer Jany Tamime, claims she designed the organza gown with silhouettes of phoenixes because like love, they are eternal, we smell a fashion knock-off.

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