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Kimara Ahnert


With her own New York City salon, cosmetic line and an endless celeb client list (Gwyneth is a client!), makeup artist extraordinaire Kimara Ahnert is the celeb go-to-girl for weddings. Here, Kimara fills us in on the dos and don’ts of wedding makeup.

Q: What should brides look for in a makeup artist?
KA: I always advise having a trial makeup application before your wedding. This allows you to ask questions face to face and get an overall sense of the artist. A bride should look for an experienced artist, one who has specifically done bridal makeup, an artist who listens to a brides concerns and requests, and then gives appropriate feedback. A bride shouldn’t feel bullied into doing a look that they are not comfortable with.

Q: What can brides do to make sure their makeup lasts all day?
KA: For your eyes, apply an eye primer, then apply a neutral or bone shadow all over your eyelid up to the eyebrow bone. For your face, apply a face primer, then apply your foundation followed by a dusting of translucent powder to set the entire look.

Q: How can brides make sure their makeup won’t look dated when they look back at wedding photographs?
KA: I fully believe in making a bride look like themselves, just enhanced. Keeping your makeup simple and natural is the best way to go. Add extra touches to enhance your makeup like bronzer on your face and fake lashes (if you have experience) or extra mascara (if you don’t have experience).

Q: Are there any makeup trends brides should avoid?

KA: It is usually wise for brides to steer clear of trends on their big day; trends can date a photograph and some trends don’t work on all complexions. Having said that, incorporating a trend in a small way such as the lilac trend for spring, can be doable. For example, using a purple eyeliner or using a purple shadow on the eyes, but make sure that shade of purple shadow works with your complexion.

Q: Are there any makeup tips and tricks for looking great in photographs?
KA: I always advise to do your makeup with a slightly heavier hand on your wedding day. Doing just a little bit more with your makeup shows up better in photographs.

Q: What makeup items should every bride have in her wedding day kit?
KA: A bride should have her lipstick or lip gloss, tissues, mints and waterproof mascara.

What’s your all-time favourite, must-have makeup item for weddings?
A: My two favorite items that I use on my brides are my Kimara Ahnert Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation SPF 15 and my Lip Liner in Chiffon. The liquid powder foundation gives a wonderful smooth look without feeling heavy. I use the chiffon shade in the lip liner because it is just slightly darker than the natural shade of the lip and works with every type of lipstick shade.

Kimara Ahnert Makeup

Kimara Ahnert Makeup

Kimara Ahnert Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation SPF 15, $50; Kimara Ahnert Lip Liner in Chiffon, $25.