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Flare Bridal Beauty Special

Flare Bridal Beauty Special
Look flawless in wedding photos.

Associate Beauty Editor (and newbie bride) Carlene Higgins gets all the picture-perfect tips from makeup artist and educator for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Mona Sharma.



Carlene shares her secret wedding-belle tips from her special day here.

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Bridesmaid Makeup
Flawless Skin
Faux Glow
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Exfoliate two days prior and drink loads of water the day before the wedding-hydration is the key to radiant skin. Masks are a great idea, but don’t try anything new that may cause breakouts.

Prescriptives Magic gives you a luminous glow, without the glitter. It also minimizes the appearance of fine lines and pores, while holding your makeup in place from morning to night.

Avoid foundations with SPF, says Mona. The titanium dioxide gives off a blueish tinge that looks ghostly in photos. Use blotting papers throughout the day to ward off oiliness without any cakeiness.

Use a bit of bronzer to warm up your complexion first. Photography often drowns out the colour, says Mona, so don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour to the apples of your cheeks to make you look healthy.


A beige-silver colour from the Bobbi Brown Stone Wash Palette is an elegant neutral shade to wash over your lid, without appearing too dark, says Mona. Add shimmer to the centre of your lid to highlight. To contour, use a deep matte tone on the outer corners at the crease. A thin line of gel eyeliner at the root of your upper eyelashes and a few individual faux lashes give further definition. Of course, no bride would be prepared without waterproof mascara.

Always go a shade lighter than your natural brow colour and fill them in with a soft eyeshadow, focusing the colour on the outer corners of the brow. Use an eyebrow brush with firm bristles to comb through the powder and set it with clear gel mascara so you don’t have to worry about smudging throughout the day.


Use a foundation stick to blot out the colour of your lips. Your lipstick will last longer, and you’ll be able to see the true colour of the lipstick. Sometimes the fresh pink shade you’ve selected can appear orangey depending on the undertone of your lips. A lipliner that matches your lipstick will make your lips stand out more in pictures.

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Are you camera ready?
Bring a camera with you to your makeup appointment, so you can quickly assess your hot spots. Are you oily somewhere? Red? Do you feel comfortable? Do you look like yourself? Do you feel like yourself? Give the makeup artist honest feedback right away. This is no time to worry about hurt feelings; they’re being paid to make sure you’re happy with the results.


A quick tip on bridesmaid makeup:
It’s more important to focus on their individual features to make them look prettier and feel more confident, than it is to force them all into the same makeup scheme. Matching makeup to their dresses isn’t necessary. Going with the same palette can work, but it’s more important to consider their eye colour, skin tone-the things that really make them look their best, come picture time.

For flawless skin:
Book your facial two weeks in advance to avoid dehydration that results from intensive peels. Plus, detox facials often bring acne to the surface before giving way to a flawless complexion. Even so, high stress the week of the wedding can bring about the doozy you’ve had nightmares about. If, and when, disaster strikes, put down the tweezers and see Erit B., spa manager at Shizen Spa in the Cosmopolitan Hotel, who zapped ours with a special technique that didn’t result in scabs or scars.

For a faux glow:
Hand-held airbrush tanning (vs. an airbrush tanning booth) gives the most even finish. Get it done three days before the wedding for the most natural appearance and test-drive the look one month in advance. We walked out of Concepts Day Spa in Toronto straight to a cocktail party, makeup still in tact.


For a picture-perfect canvas:
Now is the time to ditch that foundation you’ve been using since college. Your skin has changed, and thankfully, Prescriptives custom-matches your shade and the finish that’s right for your specific needs-no waiting around required. They’ll even supply you with a tote-able sized foundation and powder that fits into your beaded clutch.

For you-only-gorgeous makeup:
Splurge on a trial makeup run-it’s worth it to look and feel your best. Far too many brides don’t feel like themselves on their wedding day, when their makeup winds up looking like a mask. Your makeup should look classic, beautiful and camera-ready, but never too heavy. Find a makeup artist that a friend has raved about, or visit a department store counter by a brand that’s known for natural, yet stunning makeup, such as Bobbi Brown Cosmetics at Holt Renfrew.

For mega-volume hair:
If updos have never really been you, get long, thick extensions that will make you look and feel like a movie star instead. Justin German at Shagg salon has the down-low on where to get the goods cheap. Bring them in the morning of to get them glued in. You can skip the trial run if you come prepared with a picture, a hair accessory of choice and a plan B.

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