5 tips for hiding a Royal wedding gown

How designers successfully hid Princess Diana's wedding gown

Photo By Keystone Press

Since we’re still months away from the grand revelation of Kate Middleton’s wedding gown, we have more than enough time to take a stroll down memory lane and look back at Diana’s 1981 wedding dress—designed by Welsh designer David Emanuel and his then wife Elizabeth. The dress stopped by the Today Show this morning as part of its continuous world tour. And, while it is quite breathtaking we couldn’t help but be amused at how the designers described the precautions they took to hide the dress from the public. So, Kate if you’re reading this, here are some tried and tested tips to successfully conceal your dress until the big day.

1.     Plant fake lace and fabric in the trash outside the studio

2.     Hire 2 security guards that will each work 12 hour shifts guarding the dress

3.     Hold top-secret fittings

4.     Use a long piece of cotton in place of the dress’s train for the dress rehearsals

5.     Start using a code name—Diana’s designers referred to her as Deborah

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