The Beckerman Sisters Try On Coach’s Spring Collection

Recently named Coach ambassadors Sam and Cailli Beckerman test-drive the brand’s pastel dream of a spring collection at its just-opened Los Angeles flagship—then talk sweet about the new look with creative director Stuart Vevers


On Cailli (left): Coat, $1,785, sunglasses, bag and shoes, all Coach. On Sam: Coat and vest, both price upon request, top, $830, sunglasses, scarf, bag and shoes, all coach (Photo: The Collaborationist)

Sam: Tell us about this, your second collection for Coach.

Stuart: It was a really fun season. We worked with Gary Baseman, a Los Angeles artist known for quirky, cartoonish illustrations. We actually had his work up on our moodboard as inspiration, but when we started using that to create something different, it just didn’t have the same depth …

Sam: So you went straight to the source.

Stuart: Exactly!

Cailli: Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?

Stuart: I love the green fluff coat because it’s so odd and quite sick! We’re calling it “fluff” because it’s 100 percent polyester. Gary named it.


Cailli and Sam with Coach’s creative director Stuart Vevers. On Cailli (left): Top, price upon request, and bag, both Coach. On Sam: Top, $175, Coach (Photo: The Collaborationist)

Cailli: We love the raver-skater-surfer vibe.

Stuart: Coach is from New York City, so we were looking at the idea of NYC being a melting pot where all these cultures are coming together and clashing.

Cailli: Did you pull any inspiration from music or movies?

Stuart: I watched True Romance—Patricia Arquette’s look at the beginning of that film, where she keeps repeating, “you’re so cool, you’re so cool,” was a big part of the inspiration.

Sam: Describe the Coach girl.

Stuart: She’s got a lightness of spirit. It’s about optimism and feeling good. There’s a freedom in the way she puts together her look.

Coach’s Corner

Coach bag, $775,
FLR03_FASHbeckermans5Cotton-blend top, $$175,
FLR03_FASHbeckermans4Leather jacket, $2,025,


Shoes, similar styles available at