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Meet Our New Get Ready With Me YouTube Star Sylvia Jade!

A fashion, beauty and food fanatic, who chronicles her daily life on YouTube, gets to play with spring's pop art revival trend


YouTuber Sylvia Jade in a high-octane pop art look with fashion and beauty director Carlene Higgins in our fashion closet (Photo: Jaclyn Locke)

Recently trading in her pastel purple locks for sunny blonde strands, Toronto-based vlogging sensation Syliva Jade spends her days chronicling her life online, sending out well-curated videos to her 185,000+ subscribers on her YouTube channel, who watch as she pals around with blogger friends at events, tests and reviews beauty products at home and shares enviable outfit inspiration. Jade is also an extreme foodie (her love of hamburgers knows no bounds), has multiple, super-cute adventures with her adorable pooch Miyoko and puts her mad karaoke skills on display on the daily.

Her stylish eye, cheeky sense of humour and love of over-the-knee boots and cozy knits are all reasons why FLARE invited her into the fashion closet for a high-style dress-up sesh. Taking on one of spring’s hottest trends (colour, colour and more colour!), we got the style star to break from her normal neutral palette and try something a little brighter. Will she be able to break free of her #allblackeverything life?

60-Second Speed Round!
Beauty icon: Gigi Hadid—she looks so good with minimal makeup! And, Selena Gomez. When she went to the Victoria’s Secret fashion show she wore blue contacts and a really smoky eye. I thought she really rocked that, but am not sure if I could do that.

Something that your followers don’t know about you: It sounds crazy, but I don’t like mac and cheese, and mash potatoes. I feel like they’re such a staple in people’s meals, but who takes pasta and puts cheese on it and calls it a meal? I like potatoes in every other form except mashed—it’s such a weird form for food.

Fashion inspiration: There are so many stylish people out there who aren’t celebs. I love seeing their style is their own. To me they are more relatable and I find their fashion more inspirational.

Beauty look you’re totally over: That crazy, overly contoured look where you map out your face. Who really has time to do that? You can get similar results without having to map out your face and put that much time and effort into it.

Favourite beauty look: The no makeup look. People underestimate how much work it actually takes to get that flawless finish. Usually you use a lot more products than you would creating a regular makeup look that focuses on a bright lip or smoky eye. I’m all about that clean, dewy skin, a bit of mascara and a soft lip, with a tinted lip balm.

Favourite makeup colours: Transition colours like a dusty brown and a shimmery light pink for highlights. Some prefer a shimmery beige or silver, but I love a soft pink. It’s better suited to more skintones and subtler than white.

Beauty look you haven’t tried yet: Something super colourful, like an eye look that uses rainbow colours.

Favourite moment at the shoot: Putting on that last dress. I really loved it. I kind of want to take it home with me right now.

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