FLARE Dare: Nancy Won Gives Up Sugar, Day 8



After a weekend of temptation, I’ve never been more grateful for the epic distraction that is my weekly calendar. This isn’t my first time at the no-sugar party, but it is the first time I’ve attended without the aid of artificial sweeteners. Diet Coke and Splenda have been my lifelines during previous sugar breaks, but they are both banned substances under the Fed Up regime. Apparently, aspartame and sucralose have been found to stimulate hunger and increase sugar addiction without actually satisfying the craving, which leads to overeating and weight gain. All good reasons to cut artificial sweeteners out of my diet for good. Easier said than done. The wizards who make Diet Coke have put a spell on me—no matter how hard I try, I can’t resist its sweet, fizzy, calorie-free charms.

My new friend water isn’t quite as fun, which I complain about loudly at the office, so FLARE‘s very wise—and very healthy—associate beauty editor Caitlin Kenny lets me in on her genius secret: naturally flavoured sparkling water. Her go-to is Perrier Pink Grapefruit, which is flavoured with essential oil extracts. It doesn’t completely replace the burning love I have for Diet Coke (seriously, it burns going down) but it definitely ticks the fizzy and zero calorie boxes, plus it doesn’t mess with my metabolism, my brain or my weight. And while I don’t think I can ever cut DC out of my life for good, scaling it back from a habit to an occasional treat doesn’t seem toooootally crazy.

Day 8 state of mind: Breaking up is hard to do.

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