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Why Kelly Oxford Should be Everyone's #WCW This Week

Furious over Trump's "grab them by the pussy" comment, the Canadian writer asked women to share their first experiences of sexual assault—and received thousands upon thousands of replies

Kelly Oxford

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Here at FLARE HQ, we’ve been crushing on Kelly Oxford since at least 2013, when the Alberta-born, Los Angeles-based writer (and legit Queen of Twitter) released her memoir, Everything Is Perfect When You’re a Liar. At the time, writer Danielle Groen spent a day in L.A. with Oxford and left utterly charmed, and I experienced the same sense of relief I do every time I hear that some notable woman I’ve been admiring from afar is indeed a genuinely great person.

And so, I’ve continued laughing uproariously at Oxford’s tweets (“One thing Kurt Cobain would have loved is trending on Twitter on his birthday”) and also taken note of how she has started using her trademark bite and titanic following (745K on Twitter and counting) to talk about Big Issues like reproductive rights and gun control.

Kelly Oxford Kelly Oxford Kelly Oxford

This past weekend, Oxford had her biggest impact yet. In light of deplorable Donald Trump’s deplorable “grab them by the pussy” comment, Oxford invited women to share their stories about being sexually assaulted for the first time, and started off with her own:

Kelly Oxford

Four days later, Oxford has received an avalanche of replies—at one point, she was receiving as many as 50 a minute; according to the New York Times, by Monday morning at least 27 million people had either responded to Oxford’s tweet or visited her Twitter page.

With her bold and brave request, Oxford has literally put thousands of faces to a statement that Donald Trump would rather chalk up to “locker-room chat.” And like the creator of the #BeenRapedNeverReported hashtag before her—who is also, BTW, Canadian—she has proven that sharing our stories holds far more power than any abuser (in this case, a buffoon in an Access Hollywood bus) ever will.

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