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What You Need to Know Today: Tuesday, October 11

What we're talking about at FLARE HQ today

(Photograph: Patrick Semansky/AP/REX/Shutterstock)

With all the shizz going on in the U.S. election, many Canadians gave thanks for not being American this weekend. From the recently revealed audio of Donald Trump bragging about objectifying and sexually assaulting women to the highly-anticipated second presidential debate—where Hillary Clinton referenced advice from Michelle Obama, saying: “When they go low, you go high”—the race is starting to feel like the world’s worst reality show.

After the news broke of Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” comment, actress Amber Tamblyn took to Instagram to share the disturbing story of an abusive ex who had violently done to her exactly what The Donald was bragging about—prompting an outpouring of support from her followers.

Sadly, this was far from the only tale of assault recounted in the wake of “grab them by the pussy.” Via Twitter, Canadian writer Kelly Oxford asked women to share their stories about the first time they were sexually assaulted, using the hashtag #notokay—and received thousands of responses.

Suzanne Rogers just gave a major boost to the next generation of Canadian designers. The fashion maven and philanthropist donated $1 million to Ryerson University to create The Suzanne Rogers Fashion Institute, a five-year fellowship program open to undergraduate students and recent alum.

H&M just dropped the full lookbook for its highly anticipated collabo with Kenzo—which drops on November 3—and we’re ready to start lining up now. Dibs on the bombass embellished bomber!