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What to Do in Halifax: Ellen Yeung’s March Picks

Your monthly round-up of everything cool, stylish and fun going down in Haligonia from Halifax Localist-at-large Ellen Yeung

1. Go for a Coffee Break
Lion & Bright (2534 Agricola St.) is the go-to spot for meet-ups with your best gals and pals. The space, with warm hardwood floors and clean white walls, runs as a café during the day and turns into a wine bar in the evenings—serving up strong cocktails and live music. You’ll also see pieces by local artists on display, including abstract paintings by Randy Engelberg this month.

what to do in halifax

2. Freshen Up Your Skincare Routine
Pearl & Daisy offers an all-natural alternative for your daily skincare routine. With a range of handmade products, all sold online, that include facial masks, mineral baths, skin tonics, soaps and body balms, you really can’t not indulge. My favorites are the Lavender Skin Tonic and the Orange Bitters Bath Soak—I’m already feeling the zen.

3. Bring Home Some Cool Art
If you take a stroll around Gallery Page and Strange (1869 Granville St.) this weekend, you might just end up going home with a new piece of art. They carry a number of contemporary pieces by artists like artists Jonathon Johnson, Susan Tooke and Patrick Rapati, and it’s easy to find something that you’ll want to display above your couch, trust me!

what to do in halifax

4. Indulge in Burger Week
Halifax’s fourth annual Burger Week is back with 79 participating restaurants (right this way for the Burger Map!), and a portion of proceeds going towards Feed Nova Scotia (B.W. has raised over $80,000 for Feed N.S. so far). Each location will be featuring a creative and yummy burger special that will be available all week from March 18–24. Burger dreams come true!

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