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The 10 *Wildest* GRAMMYs Moments of All Time (Hello, J.Lo)

The internet never forgets

Jennifer Lopez at the GRAMMYs in 2000 wearing a green dress

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Every year the GRAMMYs try to top themselves as the biggest night in music. The annual show is known for performances that are as impressive as they are confusing, an opp for musicians to throw shade, and a chance for celebs to sport outfits that seriously impress (most of the time). As it’s the show’s 60th anniversary this year, we decided to take a trip down memory lane and collect our favourite *crazy* moments of the award show’s past. (P.S. don’t forget to watch the GRAMMYs on January 28 for even more buzzy goss.)

Here, the 10 wildest moments in recent GRAMMY history. You’re welcome. 

Jay Z and Beyoncé opening the GRAMMYs together in 2014

Bey and Jay opened the 2014 GRAMMYs with a duet that evoked Tina and Ike Turner—a problematic choice, considering Ike was an admitted domestic abuser. Ignoring those overtones (if you can), their performance of “Drunk in Love” was a greasy, sexy, note-perfect example as to why Beyoncé is the undisputed queen of music. Jay Z was dece, too.

Jennifer Lopez’s green dress in 2000

You know the one. Even though J.Lo’s green Versace dress seems practically modest by today’s standards, the plunging green swimsuit-coverup-minus-the-swimsuit gown was immediately iconic, and will never be forgotten. Since this dress, others have tried to top it with OTT cut-outs and body-baring frocks, but none have come close to the OG.

Avril Lavigne messing up David Bowie’s name in 2003

Okay, this wasn’t at the actual GRAMMYs—it was at the nomination ceremony—but who could forget when Canadian punk princess Avril Lavigne immediately lost any kind of musical credibility when she didn’t know how to pronounce Bowie?! Instead of saying the music icon’s name correctly, she said “Baaaawie.” Avril, I was rooting for you! See ya later, boi!

Lady Gaga arriving in an egg in 2011

Back when Lady Gaga was committed to being kooky, fun and theatrical—and not just a wearer of big hats—she arrived to the GRAMMY red carpet in an egg. It was a hilarious, strangely glamourous (?) entrance by someone the music industry was still trying to figure out. Gaga really set the standard for being “weird” and her peers, like Nicki Minaj, soon followed, though none were ever committed enough to spend 72 hours in an egg to prepare.

Gwyneth Paltrow singing “F-ck You” with CeeLo Green (and Muppets) in 2011

Man, was this weird! In what was, I guess, an attempt to try to get adults in the music industry to watch Glee, Gwyneth Paltrow took to the stage to perform CeeLo Green’s “Forget You” (nee “F-ck You”) with the singer at the GRAMMYs. It was awkward, and well, she was…not great. The Muppets, however, were spectacular.

50 Cent bum-rushing Evanescence in 2004

Was 50 Cent the original Kanye West? When emo band Evanescence won the GRAMMY for Best New Artist in 2004, 50 ran up to the stage… and very shortly ran back down without so much as a peep. Evanescence may have won that night, but because they failed to start a decade-long beef with 50 in order to stay relevant, (à la Taylor Swift and Kanye), they truly lost. 

Beyonce wearing these 3D sunglasses in 2010

Self-explanatory! While watching a 3D Michael Jackson tribute, Beyoncé put on the shades and proved that she looks good in legit anything.

Taylor shading Kanye in 2016

Taylor Swift and Kanye West are like hormonal teenage siblings: they’re always passive-aggressively pissed about something, but lack the emotional intelligence to do anything about it. (Is there anything more Mean Girls than the secret phone call recording scandal of 2016?) As a proud messy bitch who lives for drama, I’m fine with this and I hope 2018 brings more “Tanye” theatrics.

Amy Winehouse winning—and throwing shade at Justin Timberlake—in 2008

Phenomenally talented and gone-way-too-soon Amy Winehouse won Album of the Year in 2008 for her record, Rehab. She also managed to diss perennial f-ckboi Justin Timberlake’s (may I remind you he still has not publicly apologized to Janet Jackson for their Super Bowl fiasco?) album in the process when she said, “His album is called What Goes Around Comes Around?” Wonder what Winehouse would have thought of Man of the Woods…

Adele botching—and then bouncing back—during the George Michael tribute in 2017

Powerhouse Adele stopped the show—literally—last year when she felt she wasn’t performing up to snuff during her tribute to the late pop star George Michael. She swore, stopped the music, and started over, this time sounding every bit the true diva she is. Bless. 

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