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Autumn Weekend Listening: Caribou, Our Love

Our Love, the newest release from Canadian artist and 2008 Polaris prize winner, Caribou, is the perfect soundtrack for your autumn long weekend!



Given that Caribou—real name Dan Snaith, late of Dundas, Ont., and now based in London— is something of a genius (he earned a doctorate in mathematics in 2005), it should come as no surprise that he’s engineered the fastest route between a person’s head and heart. His solution takes the form of music. With its mixture of deep house, soulful techno, ’90s R&B and acid jazz—a formula he perfected on 2010’s Polaris- nominated SwimOur Love explores the joys and perils of love, in all its forms. The conceptual collection culminates with “Your Love Will Set You Free,” a track—and sentiment—that comes from a particularly vulnerable place. “I recorded that without thinking too much about it,” Snaith says of the unabashedly earnest tune. “When I went back to that line, I kept thinking, Is that too much? Years ago, I would’ve edited myself: That’s too heartfelt, too sincere, too saccharine. When I started out, I would’ve felt embarrassed. But with this record, it felt just right.”

Watch the video for the video for the title track ‘Our Love’ here.