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Missed This Week's Episode? How to Stream The Bachelor in Canada

Don't miss a minute of the drama

Everything you need to know to Watch The Bachelor Season 23

(Photo: Courtesy ABC)

It’s that glorious time of year again when we get to watch multiple people vie for the same person’s heart every Monday night. The Bachelor kicked off just over a week ago, and at just two episodes in, there’s been drama, arguments and more mentions of Colton’s virginity than we care to count.

We’ve got a fairly well-established new Corinne II in Demi, tension brewing between the two former beauty queens, Hannah B. and Caelynn, and a potential villain in Catherine. And, every episode, we get a preview of the entire season that includes that famous fence-jumping scene, along with loads of tears from basically every person on the show. Why would you not want to devote two hours of your life every week to this show?

But, if you’re living that cable-less life along with every other millennial in existence, we have excellent news for you. City (which is owned by FLARE’s parent company, Rogers), streams every single episode for free. Just click on this link, and you can watch the most recent episode.

But, beware: the episodes are only available for a week after they’re uploaded, so make sure you get in there before the following Monday comes around. Now that you have this valuable information, go forth, and enjoy the rest of Colton’s season before it (and his virginity) is gone.

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