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Five Shows You Missed While You Were Being Disappointed by Riverdull

Here's what you should've watched instead. The good news is you can binge 'em all over the holidays—it’s the best way to hibernate anyway, tbh

Main character Fallon Carrington, played by actress Elizabeth Gillies, in a black and white dress in a still from the series Dynasty

(Photo: Netflix Canada)

If your friends were obsessed with TV shows you didn’t see this year, or you’re just curious to find out what’s got the internet tweeting, ‘tis the season for catching up. Between enjoying holiday cookies, getting together with family and toasting to the end of 2017, we’re looking forward to clocking some serious binge-watching hours. Whether you’re always sleuthing for the next great mystery or prefer shows that’ll make you LOL, skip browsing because we’ve got you covered.

Fallon Carrington grabs the arm of her new stepmother, Crystal Carrington, in the first episode of the Dynasty remake

(Photo: Netflix Canada)


Since Riverdale has given us an utterly snooze-worthy season, allow us to present your new, and most-deserving, fave. The ‘80s series that inspired countless shady GIFs is back to save you from the winter blues (or, having to listen to your uncle’s political takes). The Atlanta-set series has a diverse cast that includes such gems as Elizabeth Gillies (giving us Lindsay Lohan vibes in the best way possible) and Empire’s Rafael de la Fuente. There are cutting one-liners, scandalous hookups and betrayals at every turn. And do we even have to mention the FASH-UN? Cristal Carrington’s new-money wardrobe is reason enough to tune in. Plus, it’s an absolute delight to see Alan Dale (that’s The O.C.’s mogul mastermind Caleb Nichol) knocked down a few pegs to play the Carringtons’ all-knowing butler, Anders. Oh, and like Riverdale, this show is not without its hot dads.

Zazie Beetz and Dave Franco speak to each other in a still from the series Easy

(Photo: Netflix Canada)


Relationships aren’t always—’K, you get it. When it comes to seeing dating depicted onscreen, Easy is one of the most inclusive shows out there. Not only does it show all sorts of couples from same-sex to casual to long-married, but the series also highlights each of them at different stages of the relationship (not just the “perfectly-packaged for a rom-com” early days). Over two seasons, including the recently-released Season 2, you’ll see people navigate sex work, feminism, reconnecting with an ex, religion and more. Filled with familiar faces like Aubrey Plaza, Dave Franco, Judy Greer and Emily Ratajkowski, each episode focuses on different characters, so your binge will never be boring.

Actor Jonathan Groff, right, shows a photograph to a prisoner in a still from the series Mindhunter

(Photo: Netflix Canada)


We’re used to seeing him in Glee and Looking, but this is a whole new Jonathan Groff. If you’re addicted to murder-mystery podcasts, you’ll love this psychological thriller based on John E. Douglas’ book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit. As Holden Ford, Groff stars as one of the FBI’s first agents to delve into criminal psychology and the study of serial killers. But after sitting down to interview convicted killers (with chilling passages taken verbatim from Douglas’ research during his years with the FBI), Ford starts to get dangerously close to his subjects. This ‘70s-set series has star power behind the scenes, too, with director David Fincher (Gone Girl, The Social Network) and executive producer Charlize Theron behind the camera. We’re already counting down to Season 2.

Actor Peter Sarsgaard in the series Wormwood

(Photo: Netflix Canada)


True crime fans will find themselves literally unable to look away from this six-part docuseries about one man’s mysterious death at the hands of the C.I.A. When Frank Olson fell from a New York hotel window in 1953, his death was described in incredibly vague terms. In this genre-bending miniseries, director Errol Morris has Olson’s son Eric tell his story, explaining his decades-long fascination with the mystery. The Killing’s Peter Sarsgaard and House of Cards star Molly Parker are also featured in reenactments. Despite the fact that the story’s been widely reported, the six-part series is still filled with nail-biting suspense.

The Good Place

OK, enough of the scaries. We’re including this sitcom because it’s funny, it has Kristen Bell in it doing her thing as a less-than-angelic woman in the afterlife and it’s straight up entertaining—plus, it’s largely flown under the radar so chances are dece you haven’t devoured it yet. As Eleanor, a woman who died and mistakenly landed in The Good Place, Bell spends the first season trying to use her mean-girl ways to adapt to life in paradise. Spoiler alert! The fact that this series played us all season long to pull off an epic twist in the finale (even if you know it, it’s still worth watching) makes us want to bow down to the writers.

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