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All of 2019's TV Spin-Offs, Ranked

Sad your fave show got the boot? 2019 might be bringing it back

Game of thrones is on the list of tv spinoffs 2019

(Photo: Courtesy HBO)

Spin-offs and reboots are Hollywood’s favourite thing these days, between all the live-action Disney remakes, new adaptations of old TV shows and sequel after sequel after sequel.

That lack of fresh ideas can get annoying (like, do we really need a NINTH Fast and Furious?!) … but sometimes the results are more of the stories, characters and universes we love. And it looks like 2019 is going to be packed with some promising updates and refreshes of old faves.

Herewith, seven not-so-new new projects in the order we’ll be binging them this year.

Number 1: The Perfectionists, a Pretty Little Liars spin-off

If you did not watch Pretty Little Liars, you need to get yourself some snacks and set aside ~150 hours of your free time to partake because it. is. amazing. Yes, it’s cheesy as hell and serves up some real soap-worthy tropes (evil twins, surprise siblings, May-December romances, etc.). But, once you watch it, we bet you’ll be as excited as we are for its incoming spin-off, focused on Alison and Mona (played by Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish), and their adventures in a mysterious new town, Beacon Heights.

Number 2: L.A.’s Finest, a Bad Boys spin-off

Remember Martin Lawrence’s ass-kicking sister, Sydney, in Bad Boys II? Gabrielle Union is back in that role, this time on the small screen, and Jessica Alba is playing her partner, a working mom who’s a little jealous of Sydney’s carefree ’tude. No pressure on Union and Alba, but if this show does well, we’re hoping it paves the way for more action shows and movies with female leads.

Number 3: The Long Night, a Game of Thrones spin-off

Naomi Watts is set to star in this prequel to the eight seasons of the hit HBO series, wrapping up this year. Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin co-created the new story, set thousands of years before Westeros as we know it existed, and it was one of five prequels considered by HBO. So if you’re hankering for more steamy sex scenes, gory battles and dragons after season 8 wraps this summer, you’re in luck.

Number 4: An unnamed (and unconfirmed) Orange Is the New Black spin-off

When this show premiered back in 2013, it was one of Netflix’s first huge hits, and people. were. obsessed. So it makes sense that the streaming service wouldn’t want to leave the party, and that means a spin-off is in the works following the seventh and final season of OITNB. Although the timing and plot have yet to be confirmed, a Lionsgate chairman told the Hollywood Reporter that a potential follow-up is being discussed. We’re a bit wary of this one, because, tbh, OITNB declined in quality over the last few seasons. But we have faith that the creator, Jenji Kohan, can breathe new life into the story.

Number 5: Second City, a Suits spin-off

Imagine if this “second city” is a reference to a location across the pond, like maybe London, and Meghan Markle is going to make her triumphant TV return? Alas, this new city is Chicago, because that’s where Suits character Jessica Pearson, played by the ridiculously chic Gina Torres, is headed to kick off her political career. Here for another show with a WOC lead; not so here for dragging out the tired plots of its predecessor.

Number 6: Jane the Novelas, a Jane the Virgin spin-off

We’ve long been fans of the WB’s Jane the Virgin, with its telenovela-style narrator and plucky lead, Gina Rodriguez. But recently Rodriguez faced some backlash for anti-Black comments she made about pay inequity. That will not only taint our enjoyment of the final season of Jane the Virgin, but it also has us looking forward to the spin-off a lot less. It’ll still be about Jane, but this time each season will be focused on its own story based on novels both written and narrated by the title character. There were rumours last year that this spin-off was set to focus on Jane’s father, Rogelio, and we’re thinking that might have been a better direction.

Number 7: Katy Keene, a Riverdale spin-off

Riverdale, which started strong, now kind of makes us want to walk into Sweetwater River, thanks to truly mind-boggling plot lines, annoying characters and (spoiler alert) people continuously rising from the dead. So, trust the WB to shove more of this story down our throats by teasing a spin-off set in the same universe that belongs to both Archie and Sabrina. It’s called Katy Keene, and the titular character it trying to make it in New York’s fashion scene alongside three of her friends. And here’s the final nail in the coffin: It’s a musical dramedy.


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