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Toronto Is Getting a Seinfeld Café! Here Are the Dream Dishes We'd Order

As avowed fans of the iconic '90s sitcom, news of the imminent opening of a Toronto Seinfeld café has us putting together our ideal, inspired menu. Hope you're hungry!

After our hopes were dashed last July with the surprise cancellation of a Seinfeld-themed bar opening in Toronto—that had attracted over 35, 000 eager fans on Facebook—we were left to console ourselves with a few swigs of Peach Schnapps and a black and white cookie, or two.

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BUT, it looks like our fair city will be getting a dose of Jerry, Elaine, Kramer and George after all in the form of a weekend-long pop-up at Bloorcourt coffeeshop Field Trip Cafe, running from August 18-20. While we wait for the next 48 hours to pass before we can check out the offerings for ourselves, here’s our dream menu of Seinfeld-inspired dishes.

Feeling Snacky

“The Jake Jarmel”
A box of Jujyfruits and a popcorn

Jujyfruits are just one menu item that we hope is on offer at the Seinfeld Toronto Cafe

“Mr. Pitt”
Snickers bar, served with a knife and fork

“Very Refreshing”
A box of Junior Mints

A Sit-Down lunch

“The Opposite”
Chicken salad on rye (untoasted) with a side of potato salad + a cup of tea

“I Feel Full”
A large plate of risotto

“You Are Hot Tonight!”
Pastrami sandwich on rye with spicy mustard + pickles

Do or Die Desserts

“It was on top!”
Chocolate eclair

“With extra napkins”
Ice cream sundae

A messy ice cream sundae, with extra napkins, is one of the items we're hoping for at the Toronto Seinfeld cafe

“Try the pie”
Apple pie

“Just the tip”
Muffin tops
Pudding skin singles

Besides the nosh that will nod to the beloved show about nothing, local artist Jenni Klonteig has created art inspired by the comedy that can be purchased and added to your bourgeoning collection.

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