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"Thunder Thighs" Is THE Song You Need This Summer

“Thick thighs, sundress, I’m looking good”

A group of women including Miss Eaves dance in the streets for the music video of "Thunder Thighs"

(Photo: YouTube)

Hot summer days often mean short shorts and sundresses, but for one body-positive artist, the summer sun also creates an opportunity to celebrate her “thunder thighs.”

“Thunder Thighs” is an incredibly catchy hip hop track by Brooklyn-based multimedia artist Miss Eaves, a.k.a Shanthony Exum, about owning your body in the stinking hot summer months. “I’ve had a curvy body for my whole life,” Exum told NPR. “A lot of the things I talked about in ‘Thunder Thighs’—such as, like, wearing mom jeans or having your thighs touch and rub together, in the summer, getting ‘chub rub’—these are things I’ve experienced my whole life.”

The music vid for the song, filmed in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighbourhood of Brooklyn, features Miss Eaves and her squad (including an adorable young girl) dancing through the streets in mini skirts and dresses, confidently singing, “Thick thighs, sundress, I’m looking good… Oh my, I got them thunder thighs, boom clap! They smack when I stride.”

This song is fire for many reasons. Not only does the music video feature women of varying shapes and sizes, it also promotes a sense of body positivity that can be lost when it comes to revealing summer fashion.

“We wanted to make a video that was very body-positive and representative of various people,” Exum told NPR. “There’s plus-sized people, there’s people of color, there’s queer people—we just wanted to show everyone enjoying their body, having fun in the summer.”

The tune, which came out in June, is the latest single from Exum’s upcoming album, Feminasty. According to her website, the album’s name is a play on the term “feminazi”—a derogatory term used to describe “radical” feminists—and the Janet Jackson lyric “Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty.”

With the tune gaining popularity, “Thunder Thighs” has already had an impact on many women. “I’ve gotten a lot of messages from people who didn’t know about me before,” the artist told NPR.

“Like, ‘I’m buying shorts for the first time!’ ‘I’m buying my first sundress!’ ‘I’m now feeling comfortable in my body to wear things that I felt I wasn’t allowed to wear.'”

Now that’s a style we can get behind.
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