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This Is Us Season 3 Spoilers: The Wildest Fan Theories

We went down the Reddit-hole and found some pretty ~imaginative~ suggestions

Beth Pearson, This Is Us

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Gather round, This Is Us viewers. Season 3 is well underway, which means we’ve all changed the batteries in our smoke detectors by now, we’ve probably read Chrissy Metz’ s memoir and the Miguel Fan Club has officially started.

But with a new season comes new fan theories. And this time some of them are *so* ridiculous that I’m wondering when the This Is Us fandom first started to unravel. (This isn’t Riverdale, people!)

We went down the Reddit-hole to look at the wildest This Is Us season 3 spoilers—even if they’d never survive a pitch session with the show’s writers.

Wild theory #1: Annie is “Her”

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Let’s jump into the biggest season 3 mystery so far. At the end of season 2, viewers were shown an old Randall visiting a grown-up Tess at her workplace. We’ve been teased with this scene again in season 3, with Randall telling Tess, “It’s time to go see her.” Tess responds the she’s not ready, and Randall agrees that neither is he. Another scene in the first episode of season 3 shows old Randall calling an old Toby, asking him to visit this secret “Her.” Toby says he won’t, because “Her” probably doesn’t want to see him.

Ever since, viewers have been asking, WHO. IS. “HER”?

So far, we haven’t been given much.  Which leaves too much room for fan theories that cross the line.

Redditor twenty42 believes “Her” is actually Annie—Beth and Randall Pearson’s youngest daughter—and they think she’s in prison. You know Annie: she’s super sweet and really isn’t central to a lot of what goes down on the show. This Reddit thread theorizes that because Randall’s biological father struggled with addiction, Annie could undergo a similar battle.

Zoe’s personality traits could also be passed on to Annie, supposedly making her selfish. Remember that Beth expressed a pretty negative stance on Zoe in the first episode of season 3, telling Kevin that Zoe would destroy him if they dated.

Ok, hold up. Annie isn’t the only one on the show with biological relatives who’ve struggled with addiction (hello, Kate). Never mind the fact that she’s a kid and we barely know anything about her, so we’re not all that invested in her future. For these reasons, this theory doesn’t fly with me.

Wild theory #2: Jack’s brother Nicky gets violent in Vietnam

This Is Us is known for taking some dark turns, and Reddit user wixon says in a post that he believes something truly awful will happen while Jack is in Vietnam.

In episode 4 of season 3, we do witness an American soldier verbally abusing a Vietnamese woman and boy—potentially, wixon suggests, to educate viewers about the atrocities committed in Vietnam at the hands of the Americans. That’s all fair.

But wixon goes on to theorize that Nicky *might* be one such abusive soldier, and that Jack will have to take drastic measures to stop his violence. We know that *something* does happen in Vietnam between Jack and Nicky, but a Pearson committing wartime atrocities seems  a bit too intense even by This Is Us standards.

Wild theory #3: Kate is going to die in childbirth (and Rebecca is “Her”)

Kate just can’t catch a break. We found out at the end of season 3, episode 5, that Kate’s IVF treatments have worked and that she’s pregnant again. But any good This Is Us fan knows to be wary of Kate experiencing any kind of joy, because it’s always shortly followed by death or despair. So, I’m not really surprised that some fans have taken this pattern to the next level. Redditor strombolibasedgod suggests that Kate might die in childbirth. And many fans speculate that Jack’s heart condition, revealed in season 3 episode 4, will either be passed down to Kate, or to her baby. This specific Reddit thread theorizes that Rebecca may be “Her” on her deathbed, after becoming a shut-in following Kate’s death.

Let me just say, Chrissy Metz is a legit treasure and, IMO, the producers would sooner cancel the whole show than ever get rid of her. Especially when we’re only in season 3. Next!

Wild theory #4: Beth develops Alzheimer’s (and is “Her”)

We’ve watched Beth falter after she’s fired from the company she built, while Randall is too busy running for office to support her when she needs it. Randall should be helping Beth sue her former company, yet his sole focus right now is winning a city council seat in another state.

Reddit user ouatfan believes that Beth losing her words in the job interview is a sign that she’s developing the disease—instead of, say, being rightly emotional about losing her damn job. In my less alarmist opinion, she just had a moment, as we all do.

Once again, This Is Us fandom, please chill! But who am I kidding, as long as Crockpots exist, so will ridiculous fan theories.


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