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We Decoded All the S3 Hints This Is Us Dropped in the Finale So You Don't Have To

*Spoiler alert,* obviously, if you haven't watched/wept through the finale yet

A still from the 'This Is Us' season 2 finale featuring Randall and Beth-inline

Season 2 of This Is Us has officially ended and I don’t know about you, but I am completely drained of feels.

After enduring Toby’s heart attack and Kate’s heart-wrenching grief over the loss of her father and her residual guilt for his death, these two (played by Chris Sullivan and Chrissy Metz) made it to the altar and got married. Before the ceremony, Kate finally lets go of her father by spreading his remaining ashes out in the forest before walking down the aisle towards her new life—and, according to a toast later given by Kevin (Justin Hartley) it seems like after two seasons, we’re going to start seeing all of the Pearson fam begin to move on. We also find out that said fam now officially includes Deja (Lyric Ross), whose mother has terminated her parental rights and is being adopted by Randall and Beth. Deja is struggling with her changing family—because, let’s be real, that is A LOT to go through—and a new character, Beth’s sister-like cousin Zoe, helps her through it. 

Everything was going fine until the last moments of the finale. That’s when the creators decided to drop so many hints, complete with flash forwards, for what these characters are headed for that we were left not knowing how to feel.

Actual footage of me after the finale:

This Is Us Season 3 predictions: Mindy Kaling saying "Yeah, I have a lot of questions"

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Here are our most pressing qs from the This Is Us finale, plus some fan theories and creator insight on what season 3 will entail.

What is happening with Toby?

One of my fave characters, who has been completely full of love and laughter for the past two seasons, is apparently headed for some dark times. In the finale, Toby’s parents hint that after his last breakup, he stayed home from work all day, laying in bed with the curtains drawn. At the time, that seems somewhat normal given that he was grieving the loss of a marriage. But then, we get a glimpse of where Toby and Kate are going to be a year after their wedding and it’s making fans reconsider what we thought we knew about this bubbly character. In the flash forward, we see Toby laying in bed with the curtains closed and a blank stare. Kate comes in and is clearly caring for him, mentioning that they’re going to speak with his doctor about adjusting his meds. Um excuse me, what meds?

Is Toby dealing with depression? Or could it be more? I’m intrigued by this theory from Twitter user Tara:

Who were Randall and Tess talking about?

In the infamous This Is Us post-Super Bowl episode, we got a brief look into the future with a greying Randall and grown-up Tess, who now works as a social worker helping foster children. The finale showed a brief clip  Randall and Tess having a very serious, and sombre discussion about going to visit “her” and Tess saying that she wasn’t sure she was ready. Wait, who are they talking about? Is it Beth? DID SOMETHING HAPPEN TO BETH?

The flash forward was also interspersed with Deja having a meltdown after Toby’s mom said she looked just like Randall, assuming that he was her biological father. Deja proceeded to take her anger out on Randall’s car with a baseball bat—leading fans to wonder if maybe Deja is the one that future Randall and Tess are visiting, possibly in jail.

Fans also pointed out that in the scene, Randall’s wedding ring was not visible, but This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman insists that wasn’t intentional. At SXSW, Fogelman didn’t spoil anything but did confirm that these flash forwards take place 13 years in the future and that this storyline will be prominent in season 3.

Will we meet Deja’s dad?

Fatherhood has always been a prominent theme in This Is Us, and it looks like we might get more backstory on Deja’s dad next season. Considering the very mention of this paternal figure ignited some car-smashing rage, and we’ve never seen or heard about Deja’s biological father in her backstory, there’s definitely a lot to learn there. “One of the things that we may come to know more about next season is Deja’s father, because we haven’t yet talked about it at all,” executive producer Elizabeth Berger told Entertainment Weekly. “Obviously, Deja has had almost no relationship with him, but she may know more about him than we previously let on.”

Is Kevin finally going to move on from Sophie?

Kevin has had a rough season, but it looks like good things are in store for him in Season 3. In the flash forward, we see him on a plane with BETH’S TOTALLY AWESOME COUSIN ZOE!!! And just in case you thought they were just traveling together, Kevin gives her a sweet kiss on the forehead as she sleeps on his shoulder. Could this finally be the season that we see Kevin in a happy stable relationship?

Why is Kevin going to Vietnam?

In the brief scene of Kevin and Zoe on a plane, the flight attendant announces that they’re on their way to Vietnam as Kevin looks at his dad’s old army photo from the war. The photo is of Jack’s army buddies, including his brother Nicky, who we currently know nothing about. Seems like we’re about to learn a whole lot more about yet another member of the Pearson family!

Here’s the most important question: How in the eff are we all going to make it until September without some answers? The countdown begins now.

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