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The New This Is Us Season 2 Teaser Will End You

*Curls into the fetal position and sobs*

Oh, hi there. Just letting you know that a new This Is Us season 2 teaser is here and it will smash your delicate heart into approximately one million pieces. The three-minute first look at the second season starts with Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) having an intense talk about adoption in present day that flashes back to Randall’s own adoption as a wee babe. Spoiler alert: Rebecca, devastated with grief from losing one of her triplets, was not into the adoption at first but Jack (perfect, flawed, gloriously bearded Jack!) gave her the push she needed.

Actual footage of every single person RN:

Are we the only ones who get choked up at the sound of the show’s the string-filled score?!

The time-hopping family drama returns September 26 on NBC—so start stockpiling tissues and waterproof mascara now—but guess what? Season 1 of This Is Us arrives on Netflix on September 20 so you can do a refresh-binge before the new episodes start airing. #Blessed.

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