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Beth Pearson Is the Best Part of This Is Us. Don't @ Me.

Kate, Kevin and Randall are the Big 3, but Beth is clearly the show's numero uno

A photo of Beth, a character from This Is Us, leaning on a wall of mirrors wearing a blue top and gold earrings with her hair in a ponytail. She looks like she's listening to someone

All hail Queen Beth, the true hero of This Is Us (Photo: Getty Images)

We are only a few episodes into Season 3 of This Is Us and I’m already ready to call it: Beth Pearson is the best Pearson.

Before you flood my inbox with fighting words about how Kate has been through so much or how Randall is the epitome of all that is good—sorry, not sorry, Kevin is really just OK—hear me out.

Yes, in theory, this show focuses on the Pearson family, meaning matriarch Rebecca, the dearly departed Jack and the Big 3 siblings: Kate, Kevin, Randall. And though Beth Pearson (Susan Kelechi Watson), is not be part of the OG fam, absent from 1980s flashbacks and relegated to a supporting role, I swear on Oprah that she’s the true star of This Is Us.

Beth in a screenshot from This Is US saying "You swore on Oprah, you swore on Oprah"

(Photo: GIPHY)

Yeah Beth, I did. But don’t worry. I’ve got the receipts. Here’s the deal:

Beth provides LOLs in a show reliant on tears

Beth from This Is Us stands in the kitchen and dances while eating yogurt. She is wearing her hair in braids and a yellow blazer

(Photo: GIPHY)

From the use of soft, swelling music to heartwarming surprises and emotional confrontations, This Is Us is built on its ability to reduce viewers to puddles of feelings in 60 minutes or less. The show relies heavily on the intricacies of Kevin, Kate and Randall’s life stories to create sob-worthy storylines, whether that’s Kate’s struggles with her weight, Randall’s anxiety or Kevin’s battle with addiction. And while Beth has certainly had her moments—I still can’t stop thinking about the Season 2 scene where she earns Deja’s trust enough to wash her hair—she also provides much needed levity to a show that can at times, feel all too heavy. Whether it’s giving up a “hot minute for some yogurt,” smoking her imaginary cigarette or trolling Randall’s dad fashion (“It wasn’t cool on Sisqó in 2001, it’s not cool now”), Beth always brings the LOLz.

Beth calls it like it is, without having to make a speech

Let’s just say it: The Pearsons love a good speech. Every time Kate, Kevin or Randall has a personal revelation—which is often—it comes with a careful scripted, rhythmic monologue rivalled only by the cast of Grey’s Anatomy. But Beth isn’t about that life. While she is no stranger to dropping some #realtalk, Beth doesn’t waste her breath on elaborate metaphors or personal stories. She gets to the dang point.

I mean, remember when Randall has a fight with his mother and is trying to fix his feelings by buying a boat off a coworker? Yeah, Beth wasn’t having any of that. “This boat is not a boat, Randall,” she told him in Season 1, episode 10. “This boat is sadness.” More recently, in the Season 3 premiere, Beth had a frank discussion with Kevin about his budding relationship with Zoe. At first, it seems like Beth is wary of Kevin because of his playboy past, but she later reveals that she’s trying to protect him from Zoe. “She eats men up and spits them out,” says Beth. These one-liners deliver the same punch as the Pearson trio’s long emotional rants, but without the fluff.

As Vulture pointed out in this comprehensive list of all the times Beth was the best, “Beth is light years ahead of the other Pearsons when it comes to emotional maturity.” And the more episodes we get, the more that becomes evident.

Beth steals every scene, and I’m here for it

Whether you’re talking about her career, her on-point fashion, her parenting or her marriage, Beth is #goals in all categories. Even though she is not technically a lead character, Beth steals every scene and is consistently a highlight of each episode.

This season, the team behind This Is Us has promised that we will be delving deeper into the backstories of supporting characters like Toby, Miguel and yes, Beth. Last season, we got dedicated episodes to Kate, Randall and Kevin, so here’s hoping that Season 3 of This Is Us will include a Beth episode because let’s be real, this queen deserves it. As Randall once said, “Everything is a little better with a little Beth on it.”

Beth walking out of a scene of This Is Us and flashing a peace out sign at Randall.

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