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These Three Jobs Didn’t Even Exist Five Years Ago

In case you don't know what you want to be when you grow up...

(Photo: Jeff Carlson)

Professional Cuddler: Human touch has been proven to lower blood pressure, increase immune function, and reduce pain and stress, so new services, like The Cuddlery, a national operation, are hiring pro spooners and huggers.
Education and skills: A warm personality, a prejudice-free outlook and a squeaky-clean criminal record are essential.

Digtal Risk Officer: Become a digi Nancy Drew in this sleuth-like gig that involves determining cyber threats and recommending security measures to prevent hacks. Oh, and the average salary is $162,800.
Education and skills: A bachelor of computer science, or a diploma in programming or digital analytics.

Fashion Histology Technician: An FHT develops biomaterials for clothing and accessories. Imagine a compostable jacket made from cellulose, a leather-like material grown in a lab from bacteria and yeast. The Brooklyn-based start-up Modern Meadow is pioneering the field.
Education and skills: A histology or biology degree, plus a love of fashion.

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