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The Bachelor Bros on Making an Ass of Juan Pablo & JoJo's Final Rose

The Toronto dudes behind the popular Twitter handle The Bachelor Bros have A LOT of thoughts on The Bachelorette, and The Bachelor, and Bachelor in Paradise...

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Who deserves JoJo’s huge heart? The Bachelor Bros remain divided

It was easy to tell that the @BachBros are definitely bros IRL, even though our chat took place over the phone. The story of how they met (in university) was interrupted several times by boisterous laughter, bro jokes and clinking beer bottles. Scattered across downtown Toronto, Michael, Kyle, Gareth and the fourth (who would like to remain anonymous) lead normal dude lives with legit 9-5s—but where they differ from most other bros we know is with their legit obsession with all things Bachelor Nation. Their Twitter account, with over 14,000 followers, is an outlet for their commentary on each and every episode of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. Their tweets have been faved by contestants, Chris Harrison once Skype called them (!!!), and they were aggressively blocked by Juan Pablo. We chatted with the bros ahead of The Bachelorette finale to hear their opinions on who should become Mr. JoJo Fletcher.

When did you start your Twitter account?
Michael: We were sitting around in university, and The Bachelor happened to come on and we started making fun of it. We can get pretty crude, but we make fun of everybody equally. So we threw some of the stuff we were saying on Twitter, and we’d get a favourite here or there. We just thought it was a riot—one favourite on a tweet and we were psyched. Then our tweets started blowing up, we started to interact with people from the show, and it’s crazy how big it’s gotten. It continues to get funnier and funnier the bigger it gets.


How many seasons have you been tweeting?
Michael: We started in May 2013, so four seasons I think, between The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. It’s not like you have to wait a year like Game of Thrones. We regret not starting up the account sooner, though. If we’d started this from the beginning, we’d be huge!

D0 you catch any flak from your other friends for this?
Not really—there’s so much comedy to it that everyone is all for it. A lot of people found out we were doing this when we were on an episode of After the Final Rose. They were cutting to Skype parties, so we’re waiting the whole time on the edge of our seats and the show was literally about to end. Then Chris Harrison, in his beautiful voice, said, “I think we have time for one more Skype party from Canada,” and it was us! So a lot of people found the account that way.

Was there a particular breakthrough moment for your Twitter following?
Michael: It was in 2014, during Andi’s season of The Bachelorette, when Nick Viall gave [Andi] a necklace of dirt, and we had the simplest tweet ever. It was like: “I made you this necklace of dirt to remind you of my personality.” We didn’t think it was spectacular, but people loved to hate on him so it just took off.

Kyle: You gotta give the people what they want.

Have you interacted with anyone from Bachelor Nation on Twitter?
Michael: Juan Paolo blocked us. He was just so easy to make fun of, so we would always tag him in things. We didn’t think he was actually going to see anything, but apparently we got his attention.

Kyle: He’s an avid Twitter user.

Michael: So we’d like to make a formal apology to Juan whatever-his-last-name-is. [Editor’s note: Galavis.] We are really, really sorry that you were a terrible Bachelor. We apologize for teasing you. If you’re reading this, we’re sorry… and also, what did you say in that helicopter? You got Clare SO riled up.


Do your followers expect you to live-tweet every episode?
Michael: Oh my God, yeah!

Kyle: People get pretty mad at Michael, because he spends most of his time on it. They’ll get on his case if he misses an episode so it’s best he saves his Mondays for the show.

Michael: It’s a fully reserved night. Now I guess Tuesdays are for Bachelor in Paradise. This is snowballing out of control!

Do you get together to watch the show?

Michael: I would say it’s more of a bi- or tri-weekly event, because we are all normal people with full-time jobs, and we live all over the city. Now, though, we’ve started to do viewing parties and we’ve actually got one coming up this Monday [August 1]—casual plug.

We did our first one for the season premiere last season, and we didn’t feel too much pressure because it was just us and 50 of our friends. OK, not 50—that’s a high number. Maybe 30 acquaintances and 20 strangers, so there was enough friendly laughter that we didn’t have to actually be funny. For the finale of last season, it was basically 50 strangers and we were like, “Oooh, sh-t! Now we actually have to be funny.” We had the other Shawn from Kaitlyn’s season (not hot Shawn Booth), drive in from London, Ont. to do a Q&A.

Have you found that a lot of other bros watch the show?
Michael: There are definitely some guys that we find when we’re looking to promote our account, but they’re usually the angry ones who are mad that everyone’s watching.

Kyle: We get a lot of haters—the closet-bros. Our response is, “It’s 2016, true love is a real thing!”

Who do you think JoJo should pick?
Kyle: It’s gotta be Robby, man!

Michael: I’m a Jordan kinda guy, because you gotta get those Packers tickets for life. I’m very curious about this Jordan Rodgers, Aaron Rodgers thing. Is it really that bad?!

Kyle: It’s Robby, because he looks exactly like MacGruber and MacGruber always wins.

Gareth: I’m also going with Jordan and Packer Nation.

Do you think JoJo and her beau will be a lasting relationship?
Michael: Honestly, no. Definitely not. The reason is her brothers. They’re like little Trumps that aren’t as successful. They want to make the Bachelor great again, and they’ll stop at nothing to break them up. Her mom is hilarious though. The wine bottle chug has become a legendary Bachelor moment.

What has been your favourite bro-ment from this season?
Michael: I thought it was pretty hilarious when Chad was just chewing on that sweet potato. I’ve never seen that before. That was weird, but also out of context, really, really funny.

Who will be the next Bachelor? Why?
Michael: It’s gotta be Luke.

Kyle: I could see it being Luke, but I don’t wanna watch a whole season of him. He says the same thing over and over.

Michael: Yeah, he’s a weird little cowboy.

Kyle: Well, if Robby loses—God forbid—hopefully, it’s him!

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