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How Much Would You Pay for 24-Hour Breast Implants?

If you have $3,000, a new non-surgical procedure will give you DDs for the day

Dolly Parton (Photo: Getty Images)

Dolly Parton (Photo: Getty Images)

Finally, you can be a busty Jessica Simpson facsimile for 24 hours, minus surgery and without having to stuff your bra with an entire soccer team’s inventory of sweat socks. But like anything, this experience comes at a cost.

Women who want to increase their bust size without going under the knife are opting to pay plastic surgeons upwards of $3,000 for saline injections that inflate their breasts, giving them big, bouncy, salt-water-infused fun-bags for 24 hours, according to a recent article in the New York Times.

The procedure, which is reportedly being used by as a “treat” for special occasions, has practical origins, however. It started as a way for women considering implants to see what they would look like with a bigger bosom.

Not every plastic surgeon thinks the injections are wise or useful, though.

“It’s a bad idea,” says Dr. Michael Weinberg, a plastic surgeon and medical director of the Toronto Plastic Surgery Clinic.

For starters,  the procedure requires multiple pricks. “You can’t just put in a pool of saline. You’re injecting the breast all over in multiple locations.”

Not only are these injections painful, they could result in bruising and, in a worst-case scenario, cysts or stretch marks because the breast is being so rapidly stretched.

He’s also baffled by the price tag for such a temporary service. “It’s so bloody expensive: $3,500! Breast augmentation costs $7,500,” says Weinberg, who performs upwards of 100 augmentations annually.

“I think this is one of those gimmicky procedures that’s good for the plastic surgeon.”

If you’re curious about what you’d look like with bigger boobs—are considering making a permanent upgrade—Weinberg says 3-D imaging (available in your plastic surgeon’s office) is more efficient, economical and predictive than saline injections.

And if you just want to fill out your wedding dress or vacation bikini,  there’s no shame in using inexpensive cutlets, which have a much longer… rack life.