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#TBT 2007, the Year All Your Fave Comedies Came Out

A LOT was different a decade ago but these 2007 movies can still make us laugh. Take a look back at 10 comedy classics from big-name laffers to cult faves

Rihanna was telling us to brace for a downpour over a hypnotic beat. Something called the iPhone came into our lives and we were forever changed. Britney’s call-for-help breakdown reached its peak with her public head-shaving. And if you walked past a movie theatre, you could hear the sound of laughter spilling from the building.

Or at least that’s how we’d like to remember the sounds of the streets in 2007, thanks to a bounty of now-classic comedies that came to into our lives in a rush, starting with Judd Apatow’s blockbuster comedy Knocked Up and continuing to the Christmas Day release of Juno, the little teen pregnancy comedy that could.

In the ultimate #TBT, we’re looking back at 10 iconic comedies from a decade ago that gave us the giggles and made big(ger) stars out of its casts.

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