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How to Become a Social Media Star: The Feminists

First-wave feminists
 had suffrage protests. Second-wave feminists had The Feminine Mystique. And third-wave feminists have Twitter

Social-Media-PKG-1 twitter feminists

These activists live on a cocktail of
 fury and feelings, targeting their moral outrage at rape culture, pay inequity and mansplaining.

Roxane Gay twitter feminists

Roxane Gay, Twitter: @rgay, 70.3K Followers (Photo: C/o Twitter)

For them, hashtags are the new sit-ins; they galvanize their troops with such social media campaigns as #YesAllWomen (to demonstrate how sexism impacts everyone) and #CarryThatWeight (a call to arms against sexual assault). The savviest of them have turned their indignation into side gigs, like Roxane Gay, who released a collection of essays last year called Bad Feminist, and Monica Heisey, a Toronto writer and FLARE contributor whose book, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better, digs into teen magazine clichés, food policing and female friendships.

Monica Heisey twitter feminists

Monica Heisey, Twitter: @monicaheisey, 8.3K Followers (Photo: C/o Twitter)

And boys are allowed in the club, too: vocal male allies include Matt McGorry, who plays a prison guard on Orange Is the New Black, and the motormouth comedian and Modern Romance author, Aziz Ansari.

Matt McGorry

Matt McGorry, Twitter: @Mattmcgorry, 249K Followers (Photo: C/o Twitter)

TIP: “Humour is a big part of my many posts and rants, while I’m trying to advocate for change. The LOLz make heavy topics more digestible for others and more creative for me.”—Matt McGorry

Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari, Twitter: @Azizansari, 6.23M Followers (Photo: C/o Twitter)

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