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How to Become a Social Media Star: The Jocks

Daily workouts, healthy inspo and a hard body can turn your IG into a virtual gym

Social Media Jocks

Diversity is queen in the #fitspo circle. Curvy ladies, skinny girls and bodybuilders all find followers with a potent combo of empowerment, discipline and like-baiting sex appeal.


Booty trainer Lyzabeth Lopez has turned her Instagram account into the best ad ever for her hardcore chain of Hourglass Workout gyms, posting voluptuous backside selfies and videos of the devotion it takes to achieve them.


💦🏀 #TBT @complex A photo posted by Adrianne Ho (@adrianneho) on


Model Adrianne Ho, meanwhile, leaves the grunt work out of the frame, preferring editorial-quality pics to promote her athleisure e-shop And DJ-socialite Hannah Bronfman complements her fit pics with rules to sweat by (“Set your intention for the week and stick to it”), updates on the latest niche regimens and, of course, whatever super food she’s consuming that day.

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Push it a little bit further #hbfit #lakelife

A photo posted by Hannah Bronfman (@hannahbronfman) on

Each feed ignites comments both gushing (“You’re such an inspiration!”) and stinging (“That ass has to be fake.”), all of them no doubt spurred by envy.

TIP: “Invest in colourful workout gear to add some zing.” —Lyzabeth Lopez

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