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10 Times Veronica Lodge & Archie Andrews Were All Kinds of #BaeGoals

With all that on-screen chemistry, we can't help but wonder/hope: Is Varchie a thing IRL?

veronica and archie hugging

(Photo: Netflix)

In the Season 2 premiere of Riverdale—spoilers ahead!—Veronica Lodge and Archie Andrews are hot and heavy like we’ve never seen them before, because what’s the first thing you do in a crisis? Have a shower with your boo, of course. It made us realize that while Bughead will always be our ship of choice (especially IRL), Varchie is pretty damn good, too—even if KJ Apa and Camila Mendes aren’t feelin’ it for realsies (yet). Just look at all this evidence! But first, this comic to TV show comparison. I mean…

archie and veronica hugging

(Photo: GIPHY)

1. When Cheryl forced them to play “seven minutes in heaven” and their chemistry was basically immediate

veronica and archie kissing in closet

(Photo: GIPHY)

2. When Veronica helped Archie with his wound (complete with football uniform, oomf)

veronica helping archie with his wound

(Photo: GIPHY)

3. When V gave Archie the daintiest, loving smooch

veronica kissing archie's hand

(Photo: GIPHY)

4. When Veronica convinced Archie to sing on stage, and then hung in the wings to make him feel more comfortable (!!!)

archie bowing after performance

(Photo: GIPHY)

5. When Veronica has made Archie laugh that adorable laugh (and the number of instances is really too many to count) 

archie laughing

(Photo: GIPHY)

6. When they looked out for each other…

archie saying "don't worry about me ronnie"

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7. …with those cute nicknames, to boot

Veronica saying "famous last words, archiekins"

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8. When Veronica used this iconic analogy for #Varchie (even though the comparison might be a stretch)

veronica asking archie to be the jay to her bey

(Photo: GIPHY)

9. When Veronica and Archie snuggled at Pop’s 

veronica and archie sitting in their pops booth

(Photo: GIPHY)

10. And finally, the moment you have been waiting for: WHEN ARCHIE CONFESSES HIS LOVE FOR VERONICA, in four parts

tumblr_oufa74y5SQ1wwm89go6_250 tumblr_oufa74y5SQ1wwm89go7_250 tumblr_oufa74y5SQ1wwm89go8_250veronica saying "I'd love that archie"(Photo: GIPHY)

BRB while we scroll through countless more GIFs of these two lovebirds…

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