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All the Best Riverdale Season 3 Fan Theories From Reddit That Will Leave You *Shook*

Needless to say, there are ~spoily spoilers~ ahead

Riverdale, Veronica, Reggie

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So far, season 3 of Riverdale has been, well, a trip. Yes, the series has devolved into a fun, hot mess—rife with ample plot point confusion and an endless parade of shirtless dudes—but I remain hooked.

As a Riverdale connoisseur, I just need a second to say that season 2’s The Black Hood plot was a slog and I want NOTHING to do with it again. Bring on the Gargoyle King, teenagers running clubs and weird cults!

I’m also eagerly awaiting next week’s highly-anticipated flashback episode. The teens are playing their parents in high school, and it’s set to reveal some #truths.

In the meantime, now that we’re a few episodes in to season 3, let’s check in with the Riverdale fandom to see what theories are being cooked up.

Fan theory #1: Veronica might trade in Archiekins for Reggiekins

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If you’re a Varchie shipper, you might be in for some major disappointment this season. We know that Archie and Veronica had their issues in season 2—most of them stemming from the fact that Veronica’s dad, Hiram Lodge, essentially manipulated Archie into joining his mafia-esque gang (“Make your bones!”). Hiram pit Archiekins against his own father and treated him like his personal minion. Veronica and Archie eventually escaped Hiram’s grasp, but not before Hiram could frame Archie for murder. Now our red-headed hero is stuck in juvenile detention, which operates more like a maximum-security prison with a side of Fight Club. Varchie can’t even see one another while Archie is locked up because Veronica has been removed from the visitor’s list.

Keeping all of this in mind… enter Veggie. Veronica and Reggie have spent ~a lot~ of screen time together lately. In episode 3 of season 3, he helps her set up her new (alcohol-free) speakeasy, La Bonne Nuit. And he does so shirtless—but of course—while lifting heavy boxes.

If you’re looking for more proof, we have a bit of confirmation from Camila Mendes herself. In an interview with Us Weekly while at Comic-Con in July, she said, “[Archie and Veronica] are going to struggle in their relationship … and there might be someone else.” GASP.

On the subject of season 3, Reddit user Noavacadoshere aptly says audiences should, “get ready for veggie because nothing brings two people closer than having to dispose of pixy sticks and running a speakeasy.” I can’t argue with that.

Also, it’s probably worth noting that Camila Mendes and Charles Melton are apparently dating in real life. Did they get close after shooting some steamy Riverdale season 3 scenes???

Fan theory #2: Hiram Lodge put a camera in the painting of Veronica

Also in episode 3 of season 3, after Veronica curses her father for putting Archie in prison (and, oh yeah, running a drug lab), Hiram shows up to the opening night of her speakeasy. And he comes bearing a kind of weird gift: the unreasonably large portrait of Veronica that previously hung in his office. Of course, Veronica doesn’t seem to suspect a thing and places the portrait in the speakeasy.

Girl should know by now that Hiram CANNOT be trusted. Reddit user SoyDivision87 suggests that the portrait may be bugged, which in retrospect seems totally obvious.

Fan theory #3: Archie is actually a Blossom

This one has been circulating ever since the photos dropped for the season 3, episode 4 flashback episode. There’s a pic of actress Madelaine Petsch (Cheryl Blossom) dressed as her evil mom, Penelope, which completely makes sense. BUT, here’s where it gets interesting.

There’s another photo in which Madelaine wears huge glasses and looks waaaay more nerdy than Penelope ever would. Which has fans thinking that Madelaine is actually playing TWO roles in the flashback episode: Penelope Blossom and also Mary Andrews, Archie’s mother. If this is true, then it could be possible that Mary is related to the Blossoms. She definitely has the red hair!

That would mean Archie is Blossom kin, too. And we know for sure that Betty is a Blossom, as her great-grandfather and Cheryl’s great-grandfather are actually brothers (which was revealed as a season 2 shocker). Betty’s family broke away from the Blossom family generations ago, after one Blossom brother murdered the other. This revelation could prevent a future Betty/Archie romance, or at the very least, would certainly complicate it.

Reddit users are latching on to this theory. A user named franlcie, who clearly has a great memory, reminds fans that Mary sat with the Blossom side of the family in “Archie’s Wedding” scene in the first episode of season 2.

Fan theory #4: Evelyn is causing Betty and Ethel to have seizures

Riverdale, Betty, Evelyn

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

Raise your hand if you trust Riverdale High’s newest student, Evelyn Evernever. Anyone?

Evelyn likes to sneak up on people, wide-eyed and trance-like (she’s a real sidler). But there’s likely something even more sinister happening with Miss Evernever. Reddit user jredton suggests that she’s the culprit behind Betty and Ethel’s seizures—as she was there for both of them. But this theory also opens up a lot of questions: first and foremost, what’s her end game?

Or, is it possible that Evelyn’s presence during the seizures is just one big red herring? Reddit user lurk7232 says yes, because the connection seems almost *too* obvious.

Fan theory #5: Betty’s REAL brother is alive and involved with “Griffins and Gargoyles” 

The biggest question about the Gargoyle King so far is… how on earth did he manage to sneak his massive leafy/branchy self into the hospital? Sure, Ethel may have summoned him, but was security not alerted?

We’ll likely never know the answer, so we’re going to move onto a juicy theory about the Gargoyle King and a new character: the Gargoyle Knight. And it’s related to Betty’s REAL brother Charles (not Chic, however—where the hell did that guy go???).

Let’s break this down. Fans noticed that a new character was added to Riverdale’s IMDB this season; actor James Challis will be playing the Gargoyle Knight in upcoming episodes.

Based on his red hair and his age, fans are claiming that the Gargoyle Knight could in fact be Charles, Betty’s long-lost brother. A quick reminder: Chic pretended to be Charles in season 2, with Betty figuring out that he was an imposter. But Betty has yet to meet her real brother, as Chic claimed last season that Charles died in a fight. But if we know one thing about Chic, it’s that he’s *not* to be trusted. So are we finally going to meet Charles Cooper?

At this point, there’s definitely more questions that answers regarding what’s going to go down on season 3 of Riverdale—but I’m genuinely excited for what’s to come, and I’ll see all of you back on Reddit soon with my own most pressing q: When are the dads all meeting up again??? The Riverdaddies Fan Club is the strongest fandom of them all.

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