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We've Found Our Next Woke Pop Princess, RALPH

This up-and-coming Toronto native is redefining pop music—and we love it

Musician RALPH posing in pink trench with her eyes closed

(Photo:, Gemma D. Warren)

There are few things we love more than synth-pop with a side of social commentary. Toronto-native Raffa Weyman—better known as RALPH—is serving up catchy, feel-good tracks with a conscience, and we are so into it.

As a classically trained vocalist, RALPH knows a thing or two about music. The 26-year-old recently signed to 604 Records, where Carly Rae Jepsen also happened to get her start. Her self-titled EP features six carefully crafted songs that you can’t not dance to. It’s the kind of music you want to blast out of car windows, or listen to by the pool. Plus, RALPH seems like the kind of cool girl we’d want to be friends with. (Call us, RALPH).

In February, she released a video for her single, “Tease”, an ’80s-inspired beat paired with pastel visuals and carefree dancing. With music that evokes that summertime feel, we’re expecting the artist to become an international superstar pretty soon. Here are some things you should know about RALPH.

Musician RALPH posing in a red jacket on a red background with gold hoop earrings

(Photo:, Gemma Warren)

You can catch her live at the CBC Music Festival on May 27 at Toronto’s Echo Beach

She credits much of her support to the LGBTQ community

Her fashion sense is honestly everything

She fills a void in the pop genre, and her fans don’t disagree (we’re also super proud that she’s Canadian)

She had a huuuuuge billboard in Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square

Her problems are all of our problems, TBH

If you like HAIM, you’ll definitely like RALPH


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