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Are Dudes Finally Standing Up for Women? 3 Times the Oscars Suggested Yes

More of this, please

Regina King and Chris Evans ascending the stairs to the stage at the Oscars

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It has been more than a year since the women of Hollywood banded together in solidarity, fighting for change through the Time’s Up movement. And since then, we’ve seen many, many more shining moments of sisterly love and support in film, politics and just everyday life. As Amy Poehler said during the opening non-monologue of the host-less Oscars, “In my experience all actresses are outstanding supporting actresses because we naturally support each other.”

While sisters supporting sisters may not be new, it was definitely nice to see that at the 91st Academy Awards, there were a handful of subtle instances when misters stepped in to lift up women as well. Here are a few of the moments you may have missed, but will warm your heart—and maybe even give you a bit more hope for the future.

Chris Evans helping Regina King up the stairs

Kicking off the evening, Regina King was crowned best supporting actress for her role in If Beale Street Could Talk. As King rose from her chair to accept her crown first-ever Oscar, her a beautiful, yet super billowing dress impeded her way to the stage. And like a freaking gentleman, Chris Evans, seeing that there were barriers hindering King from reaching her rightful place, stepped in to assist. He didn’t walk up with her, or somehow steal her spotlight, he simply—and literally—lent a hand.

I realize we may be making a lot out of a small moment here, but hey, sometimes, a little goes a long way.

Mahershala Ali thanking three generations of women in his life

Green Book has been….ummm…controversial this Oscars season, but no question that Mahershala Ali’s performance in the film was absolutely amazing. So it was also no surprise that the role earned Ali his second Academy Award for best supporting actor. After thanking the real-life Dr. Don Shirley for his work and legacy, as well as the film’s director and co-writer Peter Farrelly, Ali focused his speech on the women in his life. “I want to dedicate this to my grandmother who has been in my ear my entire life telling me that if at first I don’t succeed, try, try again. Telling me that I can do anything I put my mind to. Always, always pushing me to think positively and I know that I would not be here without her, that she has gotten me over the hump every step of the way,” said Ali. “I thank my wife and my daughter Bari.”

While mentioning family members is an Oscar acceptance speech staple, comedian Natasha Rothwell noted how meaningful Ali’s shout outs were, because he wasn’t just thanking them, he was crediting these women with his success.

Chef José Andrés praising women and immigrants

Celebrity chef José Andrés helped present the Oscar-nominated film Roma. In describing it, Andrés called attention not only to the film’s subtle beauty, but to its subject. The chef, who is also a philanthropist and activist, described Roma as a “beautiful and intimate film,” particularly because it “gives a voice to the voiceless and reminds us of the understanding and compassion that we all owe to the invisible people in our lives—immigrants and women—who move humanity forward.”


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