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Help! We're Having Weird Feels About This Pic of Brad and Leo

So. Many. Questions.



Leonardo DiCaprio just posted the above photo on his Instagram, and well, we honestly don’t know how to feel about it. In fact, as you gaze upon this still from his new film, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, you will likely cycle through the same five confounding feelings we did. Allow us to walk you through this… journey.

1) Wait, that’s what Leo looks like now?

We’d forgotten what he looks like without a flat-top cap and an e-cig, and, dang, it’s all coming back to us now. He’s serving us Jack-from-Titanic-meets-Jay-Gatsby-with-a-side-of-Wolf-of-Wall-Street realness. Same goes for Brad Pitt. (That’s right. It is not, in fact, a young Robert Redford in that Canadian Tuxedo.)

2) Hang on, isn’t this movie about the Manson killings?

Crap, am I attracted to Charles Manson?! Once Upon A Time In Hollywood *IS* Quentin Tarantino’s telling of the horrific murders committed by Manson’s cult…*runs to Wikipedia*

3) Phew, neither Leo nor Brad actually play Manson

What a relief. Turns out the movie (as far as the sketchy plot details avail reveal) is only tangentially about the Manson murders, in that Brad plays a character whose neighbour is one of the victims, Sharon Tate. Leo plays a washed-up ex-Western actor struggling to find his place in 1969, hippie-era Hollywood. Fun!

4) Do I actually like Gen Z yellow?

We’ve been resisting this trend but, wow, Leo’s tone-on-tone mustard moment is very chic. Suddenly quite inspired to buy a two-size-too-small turtleneck…despite the current 30-degree weather. Also: Could Brad be bringing aviators back from their circa 2005 grave?

5) Okay, what does that background have to do with this movie?

It literally looks like they’re hanging at the Parthenon, which, last we checked, was not in “1969, hippie-era Hollywood.” Does this movie turn into some kind of goofy heist/spy thriller? Is George Clooney in it? Does HE play Charles Manson?

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is in theatres August 9. 


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