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Glow Trailer Reveals Season 2 Is Going to Have a #MeToo Moment

And more things we learned from the new trailer

A photo from Netflix's GLOW Season 2 with Alison Brie wrestling someone in the ring

(Courtesy of Netflix)

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, a.k.a. the kickass cast of Glow, are returning to Netflix on June 29—and we seriously cannot wait.

When we left Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie) and the rest of the stars of Glow, the ladies-only wrestling TV show was just picking up steam. Friendships were were forming, rivalries were emerging and the show was finally growing an audience. Now in Season 2, it looks like things are going to get taken to the next level.

It looks like Season 2 is going to tackle some serious issues like sexism, racism and the patriarchy—and these ladies aren’t pulling any punches. Based on the new trailer, here are some of the biggest things that you can expect for Glow Season 2.

Debbie is getting divorced

At the beginning of Season 1, we learn that Ruth (Brie) had an affair with the husband of her then-BFF Debbie Eagan (Betty Gilpin). Though Ruth and Debbie have somewhat found their way back to each other, it looks like the same can’t be said for Debbie’s marriage. According to the trailer, Debbie is now getting divorced and as if watching her marriage fall apart wasn’t enough, she also now appears to be a single mom. In Season 2, we’ll get a glimpse into how Debbie is dealing with this massive life upheaval (*spoiler alert* not well)—and get further proof that being a mom is hard AF.

A scene from Glow Season 2 with Debbie being lifted up by "the welfare queen" in the wrestling ring and saluting the crowd

(Courtesy of Netflix)

The show will tackle racist stereotypes

In Season 1, we saw many of the women use the racial stereotypes to create over-the-top wrestling characters. With characters like Arthie Premkumar (Sunita Mani) becoming the “Beirut the Mad Bomber” and Tammé Dawson (Kia Stevens) becoming the “Welfare Queen,” Season 1 used these caricatures to point out racist misconceptions—and it looks like Season 2 is going to deliver even more #realtalk.

“My costume still smells like beer, and racism,” Arthie says in the trailer, looking at her costume from last season, which includes a leopard-print leotard and a belt of bullets.

Later on in the trailer, there is a scene between Tammé and a fan who refers to her by her Glow stage name “Welfare Queen” in front of her son. Not knowing about the show, Tammé’s son is offended by the name, but Tammé steps in and explains.

“I’m not the only offensive character,” she says. “Everyone’s offensive.”

There will be a #MeToo moment

While the #MeToo movement has gained new momentum in this post-Weinstein era, workplace sexual harassment is nothing new. Glow is set in the 80s and according to the trailer, Season 2 will include a storyline of a new male character, who seems like he may be someone from the network, sexually assaulting Ruth. The trailer implies that when she rejects his advances, he retaliates by cancelling Glow and giving their time slot to a male wrestling show. Sound familiar? *Shudders*

Basically, based on this new trailer, it looks like things are going to get rough this season for the ladies of Glow—but we’ll have to wait until June 29, when Season 2 begins streaming on Netflix, to find out exactly what goes down.

A poster for Glow Season 2 with all the cast posing around an old white limousine

(Courtesy of Netflix)


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