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Must Love Dogs: Celebs Who’ve Attempted Online Dating

They're super-famous, have millions in the bank, closets full of designer handbags and yachts on yachts on yachts but little luck in the love department. We've rounded up 6 famous faces who've tried swiping right with varying results—because celebs, they're just like us!

Hilary Duff


Hilary Duff on Tinder: After separating from Canadian former NHLer and heir to The Brick throne, yes that one, Mike Comrie, Hilary celebrated the single life with her new video for “Sparks,” which featured several “real life” Tinder dates that didn’t end with splitting the cheque and awkward hugs like IRL. Duff went on to say that she wasn’t really into Tinder, it was just a social experiment. Girl, that’s what we all say.



Marc Jacobs on Grindr: Can’t a guy invite a few (online) friends to his apartment for some wine (and possibly an orgy) and not have the New York Post turn it into a thing? Not if you’re a world-renowned fashion designer like Marc Jacobs, who *allegedly invited 10 twentysomethings to his house for a chill hangout sesh. Alas the Post, a non-stop thorn in Jacobs’ side, said that the guests were nice but not model-hot. Way harsh. (Jacobs has since bid farewell to Grindr, saying that his designing career is more exciting than the occasional group hook-up.)

Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan on Tinder: While she is said to be currently dating a 22-year-old Russian billionaire/sponsor, at one time, LiLo was trying to modernize her way to happily ever after (and a black AmEx). Instead, she encountered a social dating nightmare and swiped up on her brother, Michael. Small mercies though—she could have come across her dad, Michael Sr.



Adele on eHarmony: Hellllooooooo from the other side (of the computer). After a brutal breakup, Adele licked her wounds by dabbling in a bit of online dating. She wrote in Adele: The Biography that she attempted to meet her match on eHarmony, and no judgment, anyone with a wounded heart can fall prey to those annoyingly upbeat commercials. She didn’t get any bites because she (understandably) broke rule #1 when it comes to looking for love online—not including a photo.

Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry


Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry: Currently these two are romancing each other all over L.A. and Hawaii, but both have taken a stab at digital courtship. There’s been a long-floating rumour that Orlando set up a fake Facebook profile (complete with a friend’s photo) to meet women. What world are we living in when Orlando Bloom is using a regular Joe to catfish women? Not cool, Bloom. And in 2014, Katy said she was “very deep” into Tinder. But maybe that was just to annoy John Mayer.

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