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Meet the Woman Who Wants to Make Mornings Great Again

Reese Evans helps women stop scrolling and start rediscovering their self-worth with a morning email that delivers positivity straight to your inbox

Reese Evans, who created the Good Morning Beautiful e-mail to help others start their day with positivity.

Between the heaping pile of terrible news that is being dumped onto Twitter on a regular basis and Insta pics showing that yes, yet another one of your friends is engaged, scrolling through social media these days can be a landmine.

Reese Evans, 27, found that each morning would start the same, not so great, way.

“The first thing I would do was grab my phone and scroll through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and spend all this time taking in everyone else’s day and falling into that comparison,” she says. This social-media side effect has been shown in studies, including research from the University of Copenhagen that found that heavy Facebook stalking can seriously downgrade your well-being.

“I used to wake up thinking I hate my hair or I hate my clothes, and ultimately feel inadequate. One day I decided that I was tired of waking up and being mean to myself, so I decided to say one positive thing to myself each morning,” Evans says.

Changing her morning routine from social media to self-improvement made such a big difference that she decided to share the love, launching the “Good Morning Beautiful” email program that serves up feel-good vibes into subscribers’ inboxes before they wake up (see a sample here). The program launched last February and according to Evans, thousands of women all over the world have done the free one-month trial and approximately 250 are regular subscribers, paying $7 each month for their daily dose of positivity. (Evans describes Good Morning Beautiful’s growth as “steady,” and adds that with the current political climate, messages like the importance of loving each other and being empowered to speak up are getting lots of likes from customers.)

“Women all over the world started reaching out to me saying that it had helped them with depression, anxiety, and to feel more confident,” she says, explaining that while most of her subscribers are from the U.S. and Canada, she’s gotten interest from Australia and South Korea as well. “For some people, myself included, having that little positive push in the morning is a huge game changer.”

The Good Morning Beautiful daily email that includes affirmations, positive quotes and challenges.

Each email contains five parts, which can include an inspirational quote, yoga pose, goal for the day, a positive affirmation to say out loud 10 times and some type of challenge—which can range from striking up a conversation with the barista at your local coffee shop to calling someone you love and telling them how much they mean to you.

Evans says that the content of the emails is inspired by the thousands of women who follow her motivational blog, “Yes Supply Collective,” as well as through her personal experience.

For Evans, childhood involved lots of mother-daughter rollerskating and living-room dance parties. But when she was 10, her mother started dating a man who became emotionally and physically abusive. Evans watched as her mom, whom she describes as once being  “a ray of light,” transform into an entirely different person—to the point that she lost her job due to stress.

Recovering from that experience fuelled Evans’ passion for helping women discover and strengthen their self worth, something that she says we need now more than ever.

“By waking up and feeling centered and having a bit of positivity in your life, that will give you the power and confidence to spread that positivity and be sure of yourself in your actions. Really, it’s the people who are sure of themselves who can make a difference.”

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