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Millie Bobby Brown Will Produce AND Star in a Film About Sherlock Holmes's Little Sis, Enola

We'll take more Millie wherever we can get it

millie bobby brown on red carpet in black dress at golden globes

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Further convincing us that there’s no freakin’ way Millie Bobby Brown is only 13 years old, Deadline announced that Brown will star in and PRODUCE a feature film series based on Nancy Springer’s Enola Holmes Mysteries novel series.

Yes, you read that correctly. While the rest of us remember our preteens as a blur of bad skin and even worse fashion choices (hi, that weird lace tank underneath every top we wore), Brown is spending her first year of teendom slaying red carpets and boosting her portfolio. As you do.

According to Deadline, Springer’s popular young adult series spans six novels, and it follows Enola as she embarks on several mystery-solving missions. Throughout her adventures, Enola proves to be a great detective herself—just like her big bros, Sherlock and Mycroft.

While Eleven will probs have to shoot Season 3 of Stranger Things before she can dive into this new project (thank GOD that story isn’t over), this new project will lock the actor in for what’s bound to be another super successful franchise. It’s unclear whether or not the film adaptation of Enola Holmes Mysteries will run for a full six movies, but if it means getting more Millie, we’re in!

Strategically speaking, Enola Holmes Mysteries seems like the perfect departure for Brown in a post-Stranger Things world, especially since two of author Nancy Springer’s books have been nominated for Edgar Awards.

Of course, we’re very loyal to Will Byers and the gang over in Hawkins, but OMG, it will be so nice to see Brown play something other than a soft-spoken kid with superpowers.


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