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10 of the Most Delightfully WTF MTV Movie Awards Moments Ever

From the steamiest make-outs to balls-in-the-face, these are the ten buzziest MTV Movie Award moments of all time. (Here's hoping the 2017 iteration, going down this Sunday, offers a few more!)

MTV’s golden popcorn doesn’t have quite the same clout as a golden statue, but do those hoity-toity award ceremonies reward cinematic excellence like Best Shirtless Performance and Best Dance Sequence? Nope! And to keep it fresh, MTV has a rotating list of categories, so you never know who will show. (Bonus points for never announcing the wrong Best Picture winner). Here, ten times the MTV Movie Awards were straight fire.

Kristen and Rob’s Missed Kisses

In 2011, Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart won their third consecutive Best Kiss award (fun fact: it was presented by Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, who were then just co-stars in Green Lantern). Instead of their usual tease (see 2009 and 2010), Rob ran into the audience for a snog with their third wheel, Jacob (a.k.a. Taylor Lautner).

Here are 10 of the most memorable MTV Movie Awards moments ever; inline 1.


When Eminem Got a Face Full of Ass

In 2009, Sasha Baron Cohen was regarded as one of the most shocking prankster comics of his generation (thanks to the cringe-worthy mockumentary Borat). As the outrageous Bruno, he descended from the ceiling at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards and landed spread eagle on Eminem’s face. The temperamental rapper stormed out of the ceremony, D12 crew in tow, but later revealed the whole thing was an elaborate hoax.

Rachel and Ryan 4-evs

By now we all know that Rachel and Ryan didn’t date on the set of their breakout hit The Notebook (in fact, they couldn’t stand each other). Long after filming wrapped, the two reunited at the 2005 MTV Movie Awards to accept the Best Kiss award, and treated us all to one of the most epic make-out sessions to ever play out on TV. Swoon times a million.

Hold Up, Tom Cruise is Actually Funny?!

We’ve seen him jump on couches and jump off buildings, but in 2010 Tom Cruise showed up at the MTV Movie Awards completely out of character. He traded in his leather jacket and toothy grin for a gold chain and pot belly, joining Ludacris and JLo as his obnoxious alter ego Les Grossman (from the hit movie, Tropic Thunder). Who knew Tommy Boy could werk it like that.

Reese Witherspoon Scorches the Kardashian Generation

When Reese accepted the “Generation” award in 2011, she decided to take her role as an, ahem, MTV elder, very seriously. She gave career advice (“It’s possible to make it in Hollywood without a reality show”) and took shots at certain someone, “When I came up in this business if you made a sex tape you were embarrassed, you hid it under your bed.” But it wasn’t just Kim who felt the ice cold wrath of Tracy Flick. Days before the event, nude photos of Blake Lively had been leaked, and Reese offered some (unsolicited) pointed advice: “If you took a naked picture of yourself on your cellphone, you hide your face, people.”

Justin Gives Mila a Lift

Friends with Benefits co-stars Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake took the stage at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, determined to clear up rumours about their romantic involvement. To prove how platonic their relationship was, Justin cupped Mila’s breasts and she grabbed a fistful of D. What’s friendlier than that?

Rita Ora Rips Off Zac Efron’s Shirt

Clearly, boundaries are not a thing at the MTV Movie Awards. Zac Efron headed onstage to accept his Best Shirtless Performance Award wearing a—gasp!—button-up, so Rita made like an extra in Magic Mike and ripped it off. Zac quickly played along and even posed for the crowd. (Of course he did, it’s Zac Efron.)

Audrey Plaza Pulls a Kanye

In one of the most cringe-inducing moments in the show’s history, Audrey Plaza jumped on stage while Will Ferrell was accepting an award. She tried to take the popcorn from his hand, causing a confused Will to ask, “What’s happening?” and “Are you OK?” She eventually sat back down and MTV denied it was a stunt, saying they ejected her from the ceremony shortly after.

Blunt Talk

There’s been not one but two puff-puff-pass sessions on the MTV Movie Awards stage: in 2008, Seth Rogen and James Franco pulled out a joint while promoting Pineapple Express and five years later Snoop Dog (duh) and Kesha smoked a “rolled cigarette” together.

Here are 10 of the most memorable MTV Movie Awards moments ever; inline 2.


Amber Rose and Amy Schumer Get Busy

In 2015, MTV tapped breakout comedian Amy Schumer to host the awards, and she did so with her signature sex-positive style. The jokes were funny, but it was her lustful kiss cam moment with Amber Rose that lingers on.

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