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How to Become a Social Media Star: The Front-Row Posse

Turn fashion blogger and street style chops into a career

social media fashion stars

Today’s it-girls have worked their way from the fashion fringes to the front row by harnessing their millennial gifts: entrepreneurial chutzpah, inborn digital fluency and an unabashed willingness to brand themselves.

Bye Sardegna, next stop is Capri 🇮🇹 #TheBlondeSaladNeverStops #TheBlondeSaladGoesToCapri

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Italian Instagram queen Chiara Ferragni sets the industry’s gold-clutch standard with her 3.9 million followers and her style blog, The Blonde Salad, which is projected to rake in $8 million this year.


She’s collaborated with Calvin Klein and Redken, designed her own shoe collection, launched an e-commerce site and set an example for the likes of Aussie Insta-sensations Zanita Whittington ( and L’Oréal Professionnel face Nicole Warne ( Mini moguls–slash–moguls in minis, social media’s style stars are
a shiny alloy of muse, model and designer.

TIP: “Beautiful content will get clicks, and it needs to be thought-provoking. I think that is a general rule in digital.”
—Nicole Warne

Adjusting to all the colourful street art on every corner in Williamsburg.

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