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Meet Luke Christopher, the Genre-less Artist You’re Gonna Fall in Love With

Whether you listen to rap, alt-rock, or—as he calls it—"bubblegum pop," Luke Christopher's got a little something for everyone

Luke Christopher interview: Luke's album cover

(Photo: Courtesy of Luke Christopher)

Who else totally understands the struggle of having friends with opposite tastes in music? I’m way too familiar with all those long car rides and Friday night parties where someone almost always has to compromise on the music choice because it’s nearly impossible to please everyone.

If you’re reading this and thinking, OMG this is literally my life, let us introduce you to Luke Christopher. You’re welcome in advance.

The 24-year-old singer/rapper/songwriter/producer (is your head spinning yet?) from L.A. literally does it all—and the best part? He considers his music to be genre-less. You might have already seen a few of his hit songs making the rounds on Spotify“Waterfalls,” “Lost” and “Lot to Learn” to name a few—and his highly-anticipated debut album—TMRWFRVR—just dropped on July 28. Take it from us, its defs worth the listen.

FLARE chatted with the v. insightful up-and-coming artist about his album (and what the heck TMRWFRVR means), his love for Kanye West and the importance of living in the moment. So, before you go running off to listen to the album—and fall madly in love with his music—read on for the full interview.

For people who haven’t discovered you yet—how would you describe yourself and your music? 

I just like to keep it honest and be real. I don’t really see myself as any type of genre I kind of just make whatever I’m feeling.

You kind of do it all: from singing and rapping on your own tracks, to producing and even writing songs for other artists. What is your absolute fave part of your job?

That’s a good question. It changes. Some days all I want to do is rap, some days all I want to do is sing and then other times I’ll just be producing for weeks at a time. But I started off rapping just because I thought it was dope and it felt like a good way to express myself.

Where does your passion for music come from?

I’ve been loving music since I was born. There are baby videos of me dancing and pretending to play instruments and shit [laughs]. When I was really young, I knew every Michael Jackson song and dance. And as I got older Kanye came in the picture and Tupac. Then I started listening to all different types of stuff, like Frank Ocean and Coldplay. 

Luke Christopher interview on his genre-less music

(Photo: Courtesy of Luke Christopher)

I’ve read that it was Kanye West’s College Dropout that really inspired you to become an artist. What was it about that album?

The stuff that he was saying I could relate to. I knew the stuff that I would talk about—my story—would be way more honest and less about what every other rapper was talking about. So when Kanye came out I was like, ‘Oh damn! I *can* just be myself and still make music.’

The name of your album is TMRWFRVR—which stands for “Tomorrow Forever”—what does that mean to you?

To me it’s like a religion, honestly. The TMRW Gang started when I first started making music; it’s my fan base. I feel like all of my fans are like me in a sense; we’re all about love, we’re about positivity. I don’t see a difference between different colour, different sexual orientation. We’re all just people and TMRWFRVR is kind of like the cultural expression of that.

You’ve deleted everything you posted on Instagram before you started promoting your album. Other artists have been doing this too—like Kendrick Lamar. Is that some sort of social media strategy?

I think I was just ready for the next chapter. Like, I wasn’t really looking back. I’m in this moment so I’m not really focused on anything I’ve done—or anything I’m going to do. It’s more about what I’m doing now.

And what’s with all the spacesuits and rocket ships we’ve been seeing on your Instagram?

Yeah, so the cover of my album is me in a space suit and it’s up for interpretation honestly. I just wanted that image. I thought it was powerful, and for me, it means taking this world to different places, musically. Just really trying to expand the world that we live in through music.

Speaking of Instagram—yours is super cool and artsy. How big of a role does social media play in your life and career?

To be honest, in my life… not that much. Everyone tells me I gotta get better at it. But I think that will come with having more resources and having more people around to document stuff. But I just kind of live, you know. I really don’t spend a lot of time on social media.

Luke Christopher interview on his new album

(Photo: Hannah Sider)

So do you have any tour plans in the works to promote your new album?

Yeah, we’re probably going to be on tour in October, November and December.

Awesome! Will you come to Toronto?

I hope so. I’ve never performed in Canada at all.

OMG you *have* to come then!

Yeah, I definitely gotta pop up [laughs].

So when you are touring, do you have any pre-show rituals?

[Laughs] I don’t know, I like… meditate, low-key. Like I kind of go quiet. I mean it depends on who’s there, if it’s full of family and friends, you gotta turn it up. But I don’t drink or smoke or anything before shows, I just slow down and make sure I’m in my body and have fun with it.

How would you describe your everyday style? And how does it differ from your on-stage style?

My everyday style is kind of vintage. I mostly rock thrift store stuff to be honest—like old vintage tees. And then on stage I’ll flash it up with some chains and jackets, stuff like that. But I usually keep it pretty vintage.

Luke Christopher interview on his vintage style

(Photo courtesy of Luke Christopher)

Your songs “Waterfalls” and “Lost” are all over Spotify right now. Congrats! What are you listening to on Spotify right now?

Right now I like Tyler, The Creator’s album [Flower Boy]. I was listening to a little bit of Harry Styles’s album low-key, too [laughs]. And obviously Frank Ocean’s album. I listen to literally all kind of music, I really don’t discriminate. I’ll listen to something that’s super bubblegum pop and then listen to something that’s way underground at the same time.

Who is one artist you want to perform or collab with?

I would have to say Kanye. Because even career wise, he’s reinvented himself so many times. Since I produce, I see myself evolving as an artist. There’s no way I’m going to sound like one thing my entire career, and I don’t want too. I want to keep switching it up and evolving. And he did that… he really changed the way music sounded for a while and that’s what I plan to do.

When you’re not busy creating music, what do you like to in your downtime? Any Netflix shows you love to binge?

Uh hell yes! Super excited that Game of Thrones is back. And Stranger Things got me on the hook, so I’m excited for that. I do Netflix, not as much as I want to though, honestly. I also play a lot of basketball, just normal guy stuff.

How do you hope your music career progresses in the next five years—if you could dream big?

In the next five years, I want Grammys. I want world tours back-to-back. I want all of it, honestly. I want to be the best. But only because I feel like I have a lot to say and a lot to give to people, and that’s my motivation.

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