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There’s a Quarantine Version of Love Is Blind Happening on Instagram

It's 'Love Is Blind,' but with Google Sheets and Instagram

Are y’all ready for this? I CACKLED when I first saw this account. Two geniuses named Thi Q. Lam and Rance Nix have made an Instagram account called @loveisquarantine, and it’s basically a quarantine edition of Love Is Blind. The question is no longer whether people will get engaged, but whether they’ll actually meet up IRL on the other side of COVID-19.

Their bio says, “Who will you meet in the pandemic pods? A friend? A Lover? Who knows!?” People sign up via Google Sheets and are assigned a virtual pod. Successful contestants—who have to be comfortable being on camera—get paired up and film themselves before and during their phone “dates.” Then they submit individual videos summing up how they felt things went. I can already feel the hot tea brewing.

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This is how it works!!!!!

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This phenomenon is happening quickly—season one is already over. Season two is “premiering” soon, but here’s hoping they’ll pump out a third season (and a fourth, and fifth, and however many more they can while we’re all social distancing).

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Check out some of the season one videos below, then follow this account for the good of your health. And sign up for the next season when they make it available! Maybe you’ll be chosen to participate and find your soulmate. Lauren and Cameron 2.0, anyone…? It would be nice to emerge from this mess with a new boo.