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Lorde at 20 vs. Me at 20: A Definitive List of Why She's Actual #Goals

One writer reflects on what *she'd* accomplished at 20 vs. what pop singer Lorde has—and in news surprising no one, Lorde (whose second album Melodrama drops June 16) is on another lev

Pictured here at the Grammys with her two statues, singer Lorde's new album Melodrama is out June 16; inline image.

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Lorde’s Melodrama drops on June 16—and we couldn’t be more psyched for the 20-year-old pop sensation’s second album (and for the Aussie beauty to touch down in Canada to perform at the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards in Toronto on June 18). Yes, you read that right: Lorde is only 20 years old. She was born in 1996, making her the same age as DVDsInfinite Jest and Space Jam. Though she may be young, Lorde is successful, talented, unique and self-assured—a.k.a., the exact opposite of what most of us were like at 20. Here are some other things Lorde has accomplished during her two short decades on Earth versus what *I* was doing around the same time. Spoiler: she’s an overachiever.

Lorde Has Two GRAMMY Awards

…I Had Two Roommates

One of whom taught me how to make an omelette! Yes, at 20 I still was unsure of the art of omelette-making. Do you think Lorde knows how to throw together some eggs and a few veggies? Who cares! She’s currently on the cover of Elle magazine! She doesn’t have time to make omelettes.

pretty bright out #BBMAs #riccardosbloodcollectionidie

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Lorde Instagrams at the BBMAs…

…I Mainly Posted Pics of Cereal

You have to understand that Instagram was a brand new app at the time, and was used to make pictures look old-timey. That was its primary function. There were no #spon #ads of tooth whiteners or magic Gummy bears back then, OK?! So instead, I had a feed of cereal bowl pics with a vintage filter slapped on. I’m proud to say my Instagram has definitely evolved since then, but still doesn’t hold a candle to Lorde’s. I mean, have you seen these aesthetics?!

Lorde Is Going on A World Tour

…I Briefly Considered Studying Abroad

At 20, I was in university trying to figure out how to spend my summer. I thought about going to Barcelona, Prague, or any of the other glam travel locales, but decided to spend my summer in the city babysitting and taking improv classes instead. You might think that running after a toddler darting in and out of a city park’s water features isn’t as glamourous as performing “Royals” to sold-out crowds in South Korea and Denmark, but I got to eat the kid’s leftover Mister Softee and had access to all the Diet Coke I wanted in the family’s pantry, so this feels like a draw.

a tough as guts balloon veteran

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Lorde Is Part of The Squad

…I Joined a Kickball League in an Attempt to Make Friends

Hey, I thought it was a fun way to branch out and meet people who weren’t fellow students. Unfortunately, not only was I bad at kickball, but was constantly on the brink of dehydration and heat exhaustion during our many night games—literally too weak to make any sort of long-lasting friendships. Judging from Taylor’s annual 4th of July bonanza, I don’t think the squad gets up to anything more gruelling than a waterslide, allowing for much more bonding, baking and shit-talking Katy Perry.

Lorde Loves Onion Rings

…I Have Also Always Loved Onion Rings

Finally! Something we have in common.

See? Lorde might be a virtuosic talent, but she’s still human (we think, although no concrete evidence exists, tbh).

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