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LC from Love Is Blind Tells All

We spoke to the fan fave about Barnett, *that* emotional moment and if she formed connections with any other guys in the pods (spoiler: she did!)

Love Is Blind is the latest reality-TV sensation to take over our feeds—and our hearts. Clearly, Lauren and Cameron (a.k.a. America’s current sweethearts) are fan favourites, but Lauren Chamblin, known as LC, is the relatable girl-next-door who deserved a real connection beyond the pods, and perhaps more camera time. After losing out on Barnett to Amber, LC had a tearful moment, which got everyone sympathizing with the Love Is Blind hopeful. We wanted to know how she feels about Barnett more than a year after the show wrapped, what she learned from the experience and, of course, all the behind-the-scenes tea is. Luckily, we got all that and more when we spoke to LC over the phone.

Why did LC sign up for Love Is Blind?

We highly doubt the participants of the Netflix series anticipated the current frenzy surrounding the show, but it happened and we’re hooked. We asked LC why she signed up for Love Is Blind, and her answer may surprise you. “Well, I’m a big fan of The Bachelor,” she says. “I don’t like reality shows too much, but dating shows are intriguing to me.” LC initially hoped to get on The Bachelor, but one of her friends told her about a new show looking for singles in the Atlanta area…and the rest is history. “I kind of got thrown into it,” she adds. “I’m glad I did it. I was like, ‘Well, why not?'”

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Barnett, Barnett, Barnett

Barnett seemed to be a favourite in the pods, with three women (and possibly more that viewers didn’t see) vying for his attention and possible proposal. His charm and humour made the women gravitate toward him and for LC, he was a contender from the very beginning. “For me, right off the bat, like from the first day of talking to all these guys, Barnett stuck out to me,” she says. “It was a sense of humour thing. I feel like we just clicked and had similar personalities and the way we dealt with the emotional things. A lot of our conversations would go from jokes to serious things very quickly, and that’s the kind of partner that I want.”

Was LC interested in anybody else in the pods?

We know that Barnett was LC’s top choice, but we also know that the singles had time with everyone in the pods. Did LC connect with anybody else? The answer is yes. LC confirms that she also bonded with the sweet and kind-hearted Kenny who eventually coupled up with Kelly only to be rejected at the altar. But while LC spent a significant amount of time with Kenny in the pods, Barnett was always her top choice thanks to his “easy” conversation style. “With Kenny, it was harder to have conversations because he did try to dig a little bit deeper and more emotionally, I guess,” she explains. “He was more emotionally mature than I was at that time; he wasn’t afraid [to get deep], and that kind of freaked me out. But, ultimately, he chose Kelly, obviously.”

*That* emotional moment in the confessional

We all witnessed LC’s intense attraction to Barnett on the show, so for him to choose Amber must have been a tough pill to swallow. Questioning why her love life never worked out and professing that she was “unlovable” truly resonated with viewers around the world. LC says that both women and men reached out to her saying that they related to this tearful moment. “I had so much anxiety because I kind of had a feeling at the time going into [the pod that day], like ‘It’s not me.’ I know I had this cool hair flip, but the second I walked out of there I was crying. So I was just trying to not break down in there.”

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Now, more than a year since the show wrapped, LC has had a change of heart on her “unlovable” quote. “I don’t think anyone is unlovable—let me just get that out there,” she says. “I think you’re only going to be able to be loved by the right person, a person who’s willing to love you. It’s not an easy thing to love anyone—unless you’re Lauren and Cameron.” [Laughs]

What did LC think about the Love Is Blind reunion?

Almost everyone has seen the Love Is Blind reunion by now, so we’re in the clear for spoilers right? While the reunion featured the most familiar faces and our favourite couples, it would’ve been nice to see some of the singles who didn’t make it past the pods. LC’s fans seem to agree. “I got a lot of people commenting, like, ‘You should’ve been there,'” she says. “I would’ve have loved to be there and see everyone, but I don’t really know what I would have said.” [Laughs] She adds: “But I liked the reunion; I thought it was good. It’s cool to see it happen now, a year and a half later, and to see where everybody’s at and how everybody has grown. Especially with Jessica—just to be able to show up in the first place and face all of that looking back and apologizing to Amber.”

Love Is Blind behind-the-scenes tea

We saw the singles spend countless hours in the pods on the series, but what didn’t we see? When asked for the behind-the-scenes scoop on the Netflix series, LC spoke about the close bond the women on the show shared. “We all got along so well,” she says. “Like, you would expect a lot more butting heads there, but we were all really respectful of each other’s journeys I guess.” She went on to detail how the women were really supportive and comforting when she and Barnett didn’t work out in the end. “I was, like, really going through it, but everyone was there for me.”

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Finally, would LC try reality TV dating again?

Fans have been rallying for LC to find herself back on reality television, with some even reaching out to Chris Harrison on Twitter, suggesting her as a contestant on The Bachelor or as the next Bachelorette. When asked if she would ever do something like this again, LC says, “It was interesting because it was really great experience. And, honestly, I would do it again, as hard as it was the first time.”