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The First Teaser for Lady Gaga's Documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two Is Here and It's Everything

Gaga premiered the sneak peek at her forthcoming documentary at her September 6 concert in Toronto, and FLARE was there to witness the magic


(Photo: Netflix)

The first teaser for Lady Gaga’s highly-anticipated documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two (premiering at TIFF 2017 on September 8 and hitting Netflix September 22) was just released and IT SENT SHIVERS DOWN OUR SPINES. Literally; we were just feet away from her at her Toronto concert when she premiered the teaser for the very first time.

Onstage she’s Lady Gaga, but off, she’s Stefani Joanne Germanotta. Her middle name—inherited from an aunt who passed away before Gaga was born—is so much more than a name, it’s become a symbol of the awesomeness that Gaga represents: acceptance, unity and an artistic vision that transcends age, race, sexuality and gender. Joanne, a poet and painter, remains one of Gaga’s greatest influences and a force that guides her vision—beloved by her Little Monsters—to this day.

Gaga’s doc promises a more personal look into her life; even more than what the star already shares. She is wholly devoted to her fans (I mean, she even throws them pizza parties), so it’s no surprise that she keeps giving them more.

Check out this trailer for a sneak peak of what we’re talking about:

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