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Justin Bieber Just Got a Massive New Tattoo—Here Are 10 More of His Worst

The Biebs recently revealed more questionable "body art." Here's a look at his worst designs to date

Can someone please stop Justin Bieber from getting any more tattoos? The Biebs has arguably the worst taste in ink, and his 23-year-old body should not suffer any more. Over the weekend, Bieber revealed another enormous addition to his collection of “body art” on his Instagram account: his torso and abdomen are now completely covered by a collection of gargoyles, skeletons and more (and yes, the bald eagle is still visible). While the bad boy/heartthrob/animal lover has more than 50 terrible designs spread over his body, some are worse than others.

From a one on the ugliness scale (à la Scarlett Johansson’s tropical scene on her arm) to a level-10 Ben Affleck back monstrosity, we rated 10 of Bieber’s most hideous tattoos.

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